Internal Debate

I do not have any fears

As they are are all too trivial to me.

Why cry in front of a bug?

Why scream in a small room?

Did the bug yell about people's mothers?

Did the room collapse?

See, they're irrational.


Some have a fear of speaking.

But why won't they just speak louder?

And others are scared of heights.

But why don't they not look down,

or stay at ground level instead?


I, on the other hand.

I do not fear.

As I am fear itself, as irrational as I can be.

The perfect lifeform, so to speak,

One that haunts all and none.


I am the one who buys a hybrid electric car

But only uses gas

So I can chase you down with diesel fumes

No matter how fast you run.


I am the one who buys a Kit Kat bar

And bites into its side

No matter how clever you are

You can never hide from my actions.


I am the one who pours cereal before milk

And laughs at your anger

But I only pour a piece at a time

And leave it at a cliffhanger, watching your face churn

As I do the unthinkable.


These scenarios make no sense

But they do all the same.

Since if you remove a word



Or there,


And replace it with another

object or idea that can ‘be feared’,

it magically, whimsically, becomes perfectly reasonable.


Overcoming fear is overcoming myself.

But I am overlooking others on mount latmos.

Falling in love with myself, overtaken

By my own beautiful features that none seem to


Just as well as I do.


But it is their fault, not mine,

That I am alone

Waiting for some moon goddess to pick me up

And entrance me to deep slumber;

Yes! Yes it is.

As I, am fear itself,

I am perfectly sane, watching others stroll by, scared of,

what is to come, or worried about numbers on a paper,

or even upset, about their accidental misstep

or grammaticle mistake.


But the Holy Selene is just a myth.

So am I, the ultimate lifeform, thinking such

Nonsensical nonsense from the

Machinations of my mind?


What if instead, I stopped thinking?

Then all my problems would wash away

Like an eternal wave

Into the cold hard abyss

that we know not.


But what if that abyss is meek?

What if it is sad?

What if it is so regrettable

I hoped never to be a mortal witness?





That was hypothetical.

I wouldn't ever think of something so irrational.

As I am logic itself.

And no matter how hard I try to convince myself

I am not the perfect lifeform.

But that's okay.

Because once you try to be amazing

Life turns into theoretical nonsense

And that's not fun.

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