Goodbye to Brokeness

Goodbye brokenness you no longer live in my heart anymore.

You have lead me to make some irrational choices and to have people in my corner who want to hurt me.

You have degraded my soul and pierced my integrity.

You have exploited my body and challenged my intellectualness.

Brokenness you have made me feel insecure about myself when I should have possessed confidence.

You have even pushed to be in an abusive relationship, which lead me to consider committing suicide.

You have torn apart my relationship that have with my parents.

Brokenness, you have lived in my heart to long and I cannot figure why.

When I was depressed, sad, and felt void of emotion you were always there to comfort me.

You had no possible way to nurture and love me in any way.

I am now at war to get back my happiness and joy.

You taught me to settle for whatever came my way and to not put any effort into anything.

You taught me how to easily trust others and to reveal my secrets to anyone who was in close proximity with me.

You taught me how to wear my emotions on my sleeves and allow the devil to become my best friend.

You taught me to stop depending on God and to try to figure things out without any spiritual guidance.

So many times I wanted to just be free of you, but somehow I did not have the power yet to fully let you go for good.

I wasted so many tears on you because I thought you were my friend.

You manipulated me into believing you cared, but all you had intentions of doing was destroying me.

Goodbye brokenness because your services are no longer needed.


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