I fear the stars

I fear the stars

They’re looking for something


They know my secrets

I whispered to them on the darkest nights

And when my mind was darker than the midnight sky

I spilled everything inside of me

And they ate it up

Every hope

Every dream

Every fear

Every worry

They know everything

They’ve seen me cry

They’ve heard my screams

They’re looking for someone 

A lost star

Someone who once shone as bright as them

One night I think

I could’ve sworn

They whispered back to me

“We’ve found the fallen one”

I tried to tell them

The sky is no place for me

I belong on the ground

They didn’t say anything back

I wonder what they would’ve said

I don’t whisper to the stars anymore

They know too much

I’m anxious that when they fade away

Everything I’ve told them will be free

And the entire Universe will know

I fear the stars


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