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Heart beats fast Mind won’t last Trembling thoughts Fears not fought   Shaking legs Inward pains
A pile of written words Filled with emotion and memories Pain and happiness Escapes pen onto paper Is a sanctuary    Pages of little books Boosted with hurt and recovery Have given me 
When the pain sets in and your heart begins to sink, you almost forget you were born a human and not a robot as the weight suddenly becomes too heavy to hold. As you bite down on your quivering lips and inhale through your nose.
We sit on a bench in Stuyvesant Town, stumbling into one another with words: Perhaps I am submerged in your heart like one of those pennies in the fountain; Perhaps that saxophone player does have
Memories. Scrapbook full of memories Most dear to me. Sudden separation from civilization,
We take it forgranted, yet we can't live without it. It plans our day and creates our future, giving us motivation to keep on moving, yet we don't give it a moment. Some people don't have it as well off as others,
I am a mountain of arid timber, with kindling that fills my every fissure, surrounded by forests full of tinder. A potential pyre, impossible to hinder, that would burn with more than ample vigor
As I sit in class, Moping,Daydreaming,Looking at the clock As I tune out the teacher,  The math,  The english,  The science,  I think.     When I sit at home, 
The moonlit beach a ribbon in the night, I hear the salty waves with their loud quietness. My footprints mar the unblemished sand. Me on the island, the island in me.   I sit all alone on my “darkling” shore
Undertaking this leap to a far off place Caused my mind to unravel And become displaced But i really thought you would quit, Take your life,
Long have I searched for what was lost so long ago For the memories of those times that I remember nothing about Without them I feel so empty... so very very empty...  
If I was stranded on a deserted island I would take my friends with me, because they're all like family. I can't live without them, my friends will always stick to my side like bubble gum.
 If I was to ever be stranded, on an island, stuck. What is that one thing that I could not live without? Some people might say they can not live without their cell phone, some might say they can not move without their laptop.
All I need is you, One plus one equals two. All I need is your smile, You keep me happy for quite a while. All I need is your love, The clouds you make me fly above. All I need is us,
At daybreak, the world seems at ease At twilight, the horrors of nightmare seize; They seize the light and lock it away, They throw away the hope, they will leave you astray. So when posed with the question: What can you live without? Light my fri
There is something so beautiful about youth. There is something so beautiful about that captured recklessness. Something about those hidden smirks and intensified sensations. Youth is revered, that is why so many strive to conserve it; Our soft, s
They left us Oceans stretch for miles No food, no shelter Only the clothes on my back and something else My sweetheart I love him. When we touch My hair stands on end
Joined at the hip are my sister and me, If I tumbled off a ship I would grab her, and she would grab me. Living on an island would not be so dreary, For my twin sister would always be near me.
Before anything else Before food Before water Before shelter I need love.    My family drives me crazy But I know that they love me Even when I got a tattoo I knew they were upset
All I need is love. When the world is crashing down around me, When I feel I can't step forward, Your touch and your words help me go on.   All I need is love.
The sun beat down on her face in harsh rays The wind blew around her She could smell the salt from the water The concrete scratched at her feet
  Growing up, everyday I would Walk up the stairs And pass the sign that says “All You Need Is Love.”  
Just as there can be no light without darkness and no joy without pain, A life without death would be a world drowned in vain.   For though death is painful and too hard to swallow,
The Origami Crane-                                                                                                                Folded by gentle fingers Of a child- Wishes for peace.   The Origami Crane-
She with the forlorn smile I didn’t think you would stay with her She died a million deaths in a day Yet you never told her to just hold on You knew her silent ways About the unrest inside her mind
I need music to pour into my ears and relax my brain; Need the kick drum to beat to hear my heartbeat, And I need the exhale of a note to inhale life into my lungs.  
Humans are unreliable companions. You cannot judge what they will do. People venture on journeys to complete their own agendas. Selfless acts still
When I go sleep, all I can think of is her face . Her gleaming smile that lights up the darkness of my room even when it's just a thought.
stroke his soft gray stripes sandpaper tongue rasps gently he sits and listens. 
I cannot live with clouds that demand to be seen and stars that are covered over with falsely-applied beauty. 
 I cannot live with black skies that force darkness into hearts
It’s scorching hot here,On my deserted island,Where the sun blazes all year!   My throat is just so dry,I need a drink,Cool droplets from the sky!  
If you were to leave, Then I'd be so sad. You mean so much to me, You make me so glad.   I've known you for ever, At least it seems so. It never fails to amaze me How much we still grow.
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