Just One Melody

Sat, 03/19/2016 - 22:10 -- MariaP

I need music to pour into my ears and relax my brain;

Need the kick drum to beat to hear my heartbeat,

And I need the exhale of a note to inhale life into my lungs.


I can handle wandering "lonely as a cloud" on a deserted island,

I can handle the rush of crazed thoughts through my head as I try to find another soul.

The pangs of hunger as I struggle to survive; put me through all this and more, I'll still revive.

But life without music would mean nothing more.


Any kind of music will do so long as it plays with soul and heart.

whether the lyrics are screamed in a vicious cycle and wrapped in a cyclone of emotion

or carved wooded instruments play with close precision,

I just need the therapy of a melody to keep my mind from collision and my soul from division.


And so, though I may die alone in the silence of Calypso's island,

so long as I have music my soul will live on,

and just one melody  will lead me to the horizon.

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