Wed, 03/23/2016 - 14:38 -- KB709

If I was stranded on a deserted island I would take my friends with me,

because they're all like family.

I can't live without them,

my friends will always stick to my side like bubble gum.

Having no friends would make me feel invisible,

because it would be very irresponsible.

I never had a real friend until my year of 7th grade,

but having so many of them now will never fade away.

Being blessed for each of them is very thankful,

to me they're all so much special.

Everyday they put a smile on my face,

because I know I can trust their faith.

It's appreciative for them to make me grin of blush,

because each of them has a special part that means so much.

Counting each of my blessings,

makes me realize how much they're like sisters to me.

I love it when they say "come on over",

because they know when I need a shoulder.

What I love is they keep me situated and in tact,

but doesn't hurt for them to make me laugh.

They may say life's not fair,

but I appreciate how my friends are constantly there.

If I didn't have anyone,

it would feel like I didn't belong.

I know I'll never get them back if they left,

so I never want a heart full of theft.

I wouldn't be able to get through life,

without having at least one friend by my side.

Having only one friend is okay,

because I'll take what I can get any day.

Sure "perfect" friends are hard to find,

but what really matters is what's on the inside.

Without them I wouldn't be who I am today,

they always make me smile when my skies are gray.

I love it when they tell me to smile,

because they say it's definitely worth my while.

Having them by your side is like never saying never,

they will be there with you forever.

You know they're officially true,

because it's so sweet how each of them say I love you.

All of my friends will last until the end of time,

that I'm so proud and very blessed to call each of them mine.

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