The Light Protects Me

At daybreak, the world seems at ease At twilight, the horrors of nightmare seize; They seize the light and lock it away, They throw away the hope, they will leave you astray. So when posed with the question: What can you live without? Light my friend, without a a hint of doubt.   Light does not judge, for it shines equally upon everyone  Light shows the greatest compassion, for it does not shun At daybreak each day, the world is set aflame Casting away those nightmares, and painting a beautiful picture in the sky's frame  Flooding the sky with yellows, oranges and reds Making me stare out my window in wonder next to my bed   You see the daylight gives a second chance It reminds us that with every darkness, light takes a stance Even when its subdued by darkness, it shines always Even if the light seems gone, it awaits you the next day So if life is darkening all around you my friend Remember, the light will help you, the light shall make that darkness end     You see you can keep your family, your youth and your hope But at daylight, ill always have my light to help me cope I have my unbiased judge, i have my greatest companion Ill have my source of heat, my protective dragon My light will burn away my fear, my light will keep me at rest You can not hurt me when i'm so very blessed   Ill end on this on a final note, one final thought But what happens when your things are caught my the dark?


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