Full of Memories


Scrapbook full of memories

Most dear to me.

Sudden separation from civilization,

That’s what I’ll bring.


Memories of family.

Pictures of the days each of my

Siblings were born,

Faces showing signs of screaming

As only babies can scream.

Being held by my parents,

Love evident on their faces.


Memories of family.

My siblings’

Firsts caught on camera.

First day home.

First steps.

First birthdays.

First day of school.

All important firsts.


Memories of family.

Pictures of holidays spent

Visiting paternal grandparents.

Aunts, uncles, cousins there too,

Having easter egg hunts,

Dancing at 4th of July barbeques,

Opening gifts at Christmas,

Spraying silly string on each other on New Year’s.


Memories of family.

My siblings’

Personalities perfectly preserved.

My sister’s competitive side

Showing through her soccer games.

My brother’s friendliness evident

By his big grins in pictures.  

My other brother’s goofiness captured

By the faces he makes,

My youngest brother’s seriousness.       


Memories of family.

Pictures of my maternal relatives.

My mom posing with her seven siblings smiling.

My great grandma surrounded by the whole family.

My cousins’ birthdays and special achievements.


Memories of family.

Conjuring up random memories.

The time we went on a road trip to Florida,

The time my brother dumped water on my sister,

The time my brother got introduced

By the local baseball team for winning

His tournament,   

The time we visited Six Flags

And my sister went on the Superman.


All these memories and


If I got isolated

I would take

This scrapbook of memories.


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My family
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