Cheap Hotels

Undertaking this leap to a far off place

Caused my mind to unravel

And become displaced

But i really thought you would quit,

Take your life,

And run away

No, you found strength


I seemed fine and seemed okay

Taking anger out here and there

Tension remained at an elevated rate

We embarked on the longest road trip

But i seemed fine

You found the strength


Hits kept coming

The pain was always pushed up in our face

This escape we made to this far away place

Lost its feeling of being an escape

At the end of the day,

You found strength


I felt no sense of returning to normal

What’s normal after a soul splits?

The head of the house mentally checked out

So we left the hotel, just in time

And then couldn’t afford a motel


Sorry you lost your other half

And you’re sorry I lost a father

We both lost that type of life

And now make do with a smaller grocery run,

Smaller life

Smaller town


You found strength

No more of what was once

All we have is each other

Once, a responsibility

Now, I am your friend


All I need is you

All you need is me

Even if he is gone

And we are nomads

Checking into cheap hotels

All I need is you


This poem is about: 
My family


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