Wed, 03/23/2016 - 11:55 -- CamK

 If I was to ever be stranded, on an island, stuck. What is that one thing that I could not live without?

Some people might say they can not live without their cell phone, some might say they can not move without their laptop.

Some might even say they can not go anywhere without starbucks, which is very understandable, but one thing I know that I can not live with out or anyone else is my heart.

Anyone can be stranded on an island, but having to need your cell phone is really not as important as having to need your heart.

Why would I even what want to bring a cell phone if I have not one tower at least 100 feet by me? That's crazy!

But yeah you need your heart to live, and that is one thing I know for sure I can not live without...or anyone else. 

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