When I go sleep, all I can think of is her face .

Her gleaming smile that lights up the darkness of my room even when it's just a thought.

When I go to sleep, it's always a sad moment because I have to wait so long to talk to her again.

When I go to sleep, I feel my closest to her even though the distance between us feels it's farthest.

See, I have never actually met this girl face to face, but when I talk to her on my computer, she is right next to me.

I have never felt her touch, but I can feel her love on a daily basis.

She lives one thousand, four hundred and sixty-nine miles away, but God Damn It, I would walk there if I could. It would only take 2 months and that is small price for the lifetime of happiness she would give me.

I dream about the first time I will met her everyday.

I think about the silence that will sit in my throat when I first see her smiling face and the joy that will try to escape from eyes my eyes when we first embrace.

I don't know exactly when or where that will finally happen, but I do know this.

I know that we are meant to be because even from half a continent away, when she sends me "I Love You", I feel can the butterflies in my torso all take flight at once and start pulling me towards her.

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