Poetry, Thank You

A pile of written words

Filled with emotion and memories

Pain and happiness

Escapes pen onto paper

Is a sanctuary 


Pages of little books

Boosted with hurt and recovery

Have given me 

The hope and confidence

To keep moving forward


Notebooks filled

Cheeky streams running

Clenched fists

And sounds of silent screams

Are nights I desire


Writing poetry

Is an escape

To a safe world

That I can pour

Myself into


Reading poetry

Is an escape

To a safe world

Where I am not



Writing poetry

Is a ticket

For me

To heal my pain

In a creative way


Reading poetry

Is a ticket

For me

To have hope

That it gets better



Thank you

I’m grateful for you

I love you

You’ve always been one to fight with me



A true companion

More than just words

Something to never let go

One of the things I am most proud of

This poem is about: 
Our world


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