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Angels flight in early morn, Care for those hurt and forlorn. Three in all depart that day, to travel over a surging bay. Heaven from earth, not one could tell, as Satan’s hand rose from fitful hell.
I hope your heart is as a child. Joyful and full of laughs. The world is not good, but there is good out there.  
I wake because I’m drowning; Life’s currents submerging me- I’m verging on tears and utter exhaustion And falling asleep by nothing but fault.
Two that love, driving and texting each other     to the hope that they will be together.     they have a special place, an intersection where there's all set,    
If I were said to be anything I'd have to be a crash test dummy I have honor to the front seat Of everyone else's mistakes I get to see the explosions First hand Forget my own happiness
inhale the smoke is deep and black inside my lungs  it makes it so i cant breath when i run yet i inhale some more  cus who really runs anymore ? running is for the track  and i dont have one. 
highway 133 old river road all i see is blood sky, more blood
Put down your pencil, And pay attention to your class, Not everyone is like you, They’re all just trying to pass,   You make think that they care, But they’re all laughing in their reclining chair,
Speak your mind when your friends are watching  Speak you mind when the clock is tocking Speak out loud when your words are shaking Speak you mind when your heart is breaking Speak out loud whe your breath is taken
  She exploits her body to the opposite sex Or the same sex It doesn't matter right As long as she gets her pay check Because at the end of the night Her pockets are full $500 in tips
I Hear Voices            But There not Voices There Thoughts            My Thoughts Waiting To Be Spoken           Waiting to Be said All I need To say is a few Word
Drawing deep into my feelings, of peril, joy and hopelessness. Confusion increases each time I take a breathe and draw deeper into my wild thoughts.
Let me be kindling for your hate I can be the scapegoat for your insecurities Allow me to be your martyr in the eyes of your jurors
Dear John, I wish I got to talk to you before you hopped in the car that night Just to catch up, hear about your sights We always knew that you had the vision A nineteen year old soldier, on a high speed mission
 Looking upon the surface of the waters, You see beauty, you see grace Mystery, and depth of the mezmerizing sea It is breathtaking, a glimpse of heaven on earth   Many pursue the sea
Down     Down         Down the rain falls big tears but to whom do they belong to?   Down    Down        Down come the lightnings and the thunders
Down     Down         Down the rain falls big tears but to whom do they belong to?   Down    Down        Down come the lightnings and the thunders
Palm on my forehead
The pretty girl who everyone wants they admire you for your smarts  respect all your wishes all the boys wanted to call you theirs and one day, a boy was able to   you thought you loved him
  Quien es la Morenita?                                                     Who is the little dark skinned girl? Where does she belong? Her curious dark eyes look upon the world in wonder.
Everybody think they can push me around, like I'm joke. I don't know what they thinking, I'm the antidote for the world's sickness. It disgusts me, How they feel they are superior to me.
To no one in particular I just wanted to say good morning And I hope your day is lovely And you wake up and you’re happy And you don’t have to force yourself out of bed Or wonder what’s the point?
We were always meant to be, but will never get to be. We are separate entities, There is a "you", there is a "me".   Starcrossed for eternities, yet bound to you like destiny.
We express our anger  At all the things that live under our skin. There are shouts and comments to friends Of irritation we can never pin.   Road rage is a common place
My words eat through my brain like maggots, they spew from my mouth like roaches eating through tissue.  
A flash of light and you wake up in a place unlike anything you have ever seen Constantly changing with each step, inhale, eye blink, and gasp
Words flow endlessly though my mind defying all space and time, as I lay down I begin to unwind all my thoughts and emotions. 
We all just run in circles looking for love looking for hate and through that time we just sit and wait wanting others to act for us being afraid of the end result
Sometimes the sunshine of a new day isn't enough  to burn out the pain, anxiety, and sadness from out deepest fears and worries. Sometimes walking through the shadows and living in the dark
Raven, slow down! where you are going is not worth your life their life no ones life. slow down! you'll get there in time better in peace than in p i e c e s.
The mind is sorrow pain, regret, loss The mind is joy fulfillment, grace, satisfied  The mind is color imaginatiom, creative, interaction Our minds have chemistry The connection between eyes
I am greater then anyone else. I don't need anyone else  wow I am so proud of all I do look at me a mIllIonaIre look at me an actor on your favorIte show I am perfect..
Beautiful black women drug through the dirt, we're beautiful black diamonds, stripped from inherent rights to be beautiful, strong black jewels.
  The tortoise was disadvantaged
Dear God Your work is easier than mine. Fishing for scholarships, all floating above me. They're all biting,
Laughter is the key to anybody's heart , but the question is what makes me tick? and thats being smart.
Life is an eventful occasion. Much like a meteor, crashing through the ever-expanding sky, We, too, have many directions we could go. A slight nudge from a comet, a quick tug from a fast-moving planetesmal--
My heart is breaking just like glas
hey daddy, it's me, you're little girl... I need to tell you something that will make you want to curl. I went to that party, it was right down the block, but I didn't bother telling you, I was distraught.
Affixed on the sight of my final destinationMy eyes do not wander to the path beneath my feet.Though time has seemed to stopI travel silently onward,Forever aware of the coarse sand wearing away
The car, speed, freedom, and a friend Plus trees, music, darkness, and a bend Equaled me, no feeling, but for him, the end.
I swerved, the curve didn’t deserved Collision colossal in that decision Lost my life along with my religion Because I never listened Drunk driving driving drunk 100 on a 60 with liquor in the trunk
Alive I am Alive yes I am Alive My bones tingle with the energy of life itself The energy of life surrounds me it protects me it cradles me, guides me guidance
Brown Jug
When I Sleep, before I wake I'm in the car, I can't escape. Driving fast, windows down No one can help me, no one's around. It's much too silent, there are no words, And when I look over, everything is a blur.
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