highway 133

old river road

all i see is blood

sky, more blood

pine and willow trees

oh my

what happened to me?

i see my motor in the dash

covered in glass

face is starting to bleed

i mean, i really didn’t mean

to speed

all i did was kiss a tree

i’m fine

i try to believe

despite blood lines bright

across my knees

“9-1-1…what’s your emergency?”


voice shaking

“my leg’s killing me”

i mean, i didn’t mean

to hit that cross

or three

standing tall like the tree

that claimed the lives

of three before

and can’t believe

i wasn’t lucky

number four

crossed the line, but made it back

broke my spine 

broke my hip 

did my time

was forced to sit

for weeks

going crazy

growing stiff

still, glad to see

another day

and more

looking forward to growing old

and seeing more

causing chaos in this world

beating odds

keeping score

cheating death

until once more

he comes to knock

upon my door

and cross off

his number four



Real shook up didn't ya

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