The Sea and I are One


 Looking upon the surface of the waters,

You see beauty, you see grace

Mystery, and depth of the mezmerizing sea

It is breathtaking, a glimpse of heaven on earth


Many pursue the sea

Some for peace and console

Some for adventure, for the thrill

Maybe they are curious

Maybe they wish to realize more

To realize the depth of the waters


Nevertheless, the waters of the sea welcomes each one

With open arms, not disturbed, not impatient

Just waiting for one to look beyond the surface

For one to plung into the waters

To look within and past all her awe


Some do

They dive in and go deep into the the waters

Reaching for the bottomless abyss

Trying to find meaning

Trying to find the end


Only a handful have tried

If they do, have they tried enough?

If they have, they craved for the surface all along

Wanting to reach for air

Overwhelmed by the pressure

The cold, the unknown


And so, one has not found the root of the sea

The bottom of such waters countinues to be a mystery

Perhaps, the sea herself, does not wish for it to be discovered


The sea does not mind

She understands

She heals

Her love is timeless

It is pure

It is abundant

It is calm, and it is still

It is playful, and it is raging


The waters tell it all

From the crashing of the waves

To the soothing kiss upon the sand

They all speak the stories she wishes to share


So you see

We are one

The sea and I


I, a woman

And the Sea






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