Childhood Crashed Upon

Tue, 10/07/2014 - 13:10 -- ibolish


That’s the first thing I hear when I wake up to brush my teeth when I’m only 8 years old. A couple of weeks before that, my mom and 2 year old baby brother were in a car crash. They both came out fine, or so we thought. A few weeks later I get to school late for having to wait for the paramedics to explain to me, an 8 year old boy what is going on with my baby brother. I wasn’t able to go to the hospital with him. I was scared. Waking up to see my little brother shaking uncontrollably and drooling a waterfall of confusion and shock to us. Because of that car crash, my little brother has seizures. He was a 2 year old who the doctors told him will have to take different medicines and those medicines were basically poisoning his body because they did nothing other than make his seizures last longer. They put him on a diet. A diet so strict that fashion models wouldn’t do it. A two year old on a diet. No sugar, no carbohydrates, no salt, no cereal, cookies, candy, jello, NOTHING. He would eat 5 peas, a grape, and water plus some medication. Sometimes he needed to get oil with his food. Why should he suffer? Wearing a helmet so that if he were to fall, he wouldn’t crack his head open and spill his brains out. People would look at him funny. They don’t understand him. Going to birthday parties and seeing cake and candy not being able to get anywhere near the stuff because he would drop. He’s only two years old and has not had a single chance to cause any type of problems big enough to be punishable by the scary, unexpected seizures, just waiting to take control of him and make everybody at a restaurant or at school stare at him while he tenses up and shakes. He lives with that diet for six years. The doctors don’t know why but this diet works for people with epilepsy. No doctor had any idea what was causing the seizures until we met a chiropractor. Not just any chiropractor. He would pray to God before working. He showed us how my brother has seizures. He would click on a part of my little brothers neck and it would automatically make my brother start shaking as if someone put him on vibrate. Six years later the doctors say he can finally eat anything he wants. The only thing is he has 5 types of medications. The doctors say his minds was retraced two or more years. He’s like a 5 year old in an 8 year olds body.  Still having trouble speaking and sometimes repeating what he was going to say over and over again. My little brother is a blessing. He has taught me patience. He has shown me that no matter what, you should always smile. Yeah he can get on my nerves sometimes, waking me up at 6 in the morning just to tell me to stare outside because it’s a beautiful day. I don’t get bothered by it. He puts a smile on everyone’s face when he talks to them whether they be family or friends of people we know. He knows how to appreciate what God has given him. He might have seizures but he can see, hear, walk and run. That’s what he cherishes. God has a plan for all of us and for my brother, it’s to bring happiness to all of us.  


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