speak your mind

Beautiful black women drug through the dirt,

we're beautiful black diamonds,

stripped from inherent rights to be beautiful, strong black jewels.

society pull the wool over the eyes , of a strong black woman that's so divine,

walking on thin lines, with beautiful melodies that sounds like wind chimes,

let us shine,

over 400 years society heard our cries,

equal opportunities is what they prophesied

but what they prophesied was a lie.

slavery stopped by abolition,

but we're still chained in society's prison.

we live in Chiraq, got more attacks than Iraq

Fallen soldiers and fallen sons, true heroes getting gun down

while our men here getting shot down

speak your mind.

women willingly become the next Sarah Baartmans of my generation, calling blacks an abomination, we're the life in Obama's Nation, free from hatred.

on the corner hoping to gain a dollar, get shot down, everyone's around, but no one heard a sound.

speak your mind.

Moms son getting buried, no mom should buried her son before her time is done

speak your mind.


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