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The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
my thoughts are a poem,but i run into trouble wheneveri try to corral them on paper becausethey like to twist away and run incircles, like wild horses,making me dizzy andnot making sense.
Running through the gate  Fast as I can   Horse went to buckin  Tried to ride her out Could not hang on  I was bucked down    Nocked out black  Foced to get back on 
A dry pile of hay Horses chew with their strong jaws Breaking so much wind
Her gleaming coat is as golden as the sun, Her mane is coarse hay. She nickers softly, the day has begun, And she begins to play keep away.  
To my Freedom, I first saw you eyes troubled and body worn but her spirit and age like new so many failed before but your fire was never torn    I first felt the same
Family has written the world couldn't  persuade them into loving art yet art was hanging everywhere I stood. even coercing them for peace In a home of clocks and carpet and reconstruction
Without my majestic horse to ride I'm filled with the lonliness of a starless night sky So I disappear into the sunset only sadness at my side Never again able to enjoy the beauty of starlight
Molding the soul is caused by many things, some magnificent some malicious some mythopoeic and for me, my soul remembered the opportunity   gifted by mysterious fate (as everything has
No matter the details of the weather I love the smell of my leather Whether rain or snow I strive to ride to acheive the perfect glow  
Sometimes there are times where things just don't go my way. I want to kick, scream, or cry. I need some sort of getaway, just for one day. It's no secret that life is hard, I will not lie.  
Damaged goods, That's what they call a worn down old horse, Who was once healthy, But is now stricken with fleas. Good enough for nobody. Not strong enough to be a race horse, A cabby horse,
An Enchanted Morn A dancing beam of moonlight A gentle breath of wind A fluttering of the curtains A waking form within A silent sleeper waking to a mist shrouded world
My heart is racing fast,My adrenaline is singing.The wind is tearing at me,To my horse I'm clinging.
What I need comes in many different forms, provided by more than one soul; I need an entity to listen, to care, to make me whole.   I desire someone to hear my cries and respond politely.
"Riding free  Forever young Feel the wind Rip through my lungs The pounding sound against my ears Helps to wipe away the tears All the memories of the saddle  Help me through those weary battles
The water to drink, to quench my thirst,  Is only as good as long the river flows The food to eat, to nourish my body,  Is only as good as the time it knows.   The roof to cover, to shelter my head,
Never has there been a trustier steed! He never falters, Never complains about the rocky road. Pushing on towards his given destination, No matter how fatigued he feels. He gives you his all,
From the inside looking out A bright-eyed horse stands Head held high to the sky Ready to take on the world Without a single doubt  
As they run and gallop through the countryside, Their manes and hooves seem to glide. As fast and fierce as they can be, No other animal seem so free. Their love for human kind shows their big hearts,
For Richard Boone Have Gun–Will Travel did not end much to soon. His skilled method acting and ridding well hid A loathing of horses he so deeply did.
Horses, horses, horses Oh how I love horses Buckskins, Chestnuts, Appaloosa's, Pintos and colts, Halleluja! The wind blowing through their manes The sound of hooves on the plains
Around the small pond   Three horses and a donkey   This is all I need
The hooves pound My oh my do they pound  On that hard, frozen ground The wind through that beautiful mane The wind through the rider's hair You can see the connection You can see the determination
I hear thunder as he approaches. His breath is visible in the cold morning air. I touch his neck and feel the heat radiating from within. His chest rises and falls with every breath, like waves stirring in an ocean.
I dance with creatures that others fear And I am not afraid. I do what others prefer to watch, And have never felt like more myself.
I never imagined That this thing— Which had once terrified me And I had even turned down before— Could become such a fixture in my life, That after my addiction began, Its very absence
Traveling Meeting new people Speaking a different language every week This could be my reality With my dream job Always on the move Constantly learning Constantly questioning And best of all
Exhausted Working forty hour weeks At a job you don’t belong Nobody appreciative of your efforts  
Horses are brown, horses are gray Horses like to play Every day
Newly shod horsehoes clink on the shadowed stones leading into the light The dull roar of the crowd grows in volume as the jockey exits the sanctury within It is all on the line Waiting.
Wild horses just run free Nothing to stop them, just run with the breeze They can believe in anything the world is theirs
  Chink, chink, chink; the overhead lights illuminate the arena. Her feet pat, pat, the ground as we enter the canter.
Soft muzzle nuzzles my handWarm breath dances like smoke through the airIt's a cold day, but my heart is warm - for onceI wonder if he knowsTrapped in a place I can't leave
Hay, straw, wheat, oat No, thats not a goat, It's my horse of course!   Jump, land, ride, stall, When we win,  The ribbons say it all.   Halter, saddle, stirrup, bit
Quiet your breathing, new young foal I’m here to aide in achieving our goals No need to breathe tirelessly There, relax, there’s so much to see     Shhh… Listen, do you hear the sound
Outside the alley ready to go She waits with Foxy to hear hear her number Their hearts are pounding sounding like thunder She finally heard it, time to start the show Controlling the reins time moves really slow
I can't say that I've ever had a dear, A darling husband to call my own, But one thing on Earth I hold so near is my passionate love for one thing alone.    The four-hooved creatures run away in fright.
Only equestrians can possibly understand, the impossibly forgiving light, that the eye of a horse suggests. However, only equestrians can understand, that when it comes to ribbons and winning,
Always I believed that here - life is sweeter The grass on the other side was really never greener I loved going where the apples were grown; Feed some to the horses, and save one for my own
Having a dream and shooting for it. It's not easy. Most of us have dreams. Horses are my dream. Sounds so simple and easy, but is it really? Horses are my life, my passion, my dream.
Four Angels stood fast Heeding, waiting for the sound of the blast Their power so mighty even demons fear Their daunting presence treading near The day the month the year has been set
Round and round the track i race, the horses dust flying in my face. The leader than begins to slow, now its time for my part in the show,im a thoroughbred.
She was thinking about windows The window in Mr. McClellan’s bedroom that Tom had shattered playing catch With those older boys down the street. The windows in her own house That could use a good scrubbing.
Keep Spinning   Life is a broken Merry Go ‘Round, Continuously whirling in blurry rotations
When her daughter was young the mother called it a phase,“This horse obsession will be lost in a few days.The wanting of a pony and to ride is the new craze,
Horses are my life The Past Present and Future Everything to me
Ask me what my everything is and I will tell you, a horse She carries me when my troubles make me heavy She does almost everything I ask but is no servant She is beautiful but is not vain
I saw the best equestrians during my lifetime created by hard work and perseverance, Bonds with equines of all breeds and colors, along with friends who come and go, but, only the true bonds will last a lifetime,
She gallops toward me. I watch transfixed as her flaxen mane is grabbed By the invisible fingers of the wind. She whinnies with sheer delight at seeing me.
Brilliant purples, pinks, and blues Blend in such amazing hues, My breath is taken out from me And as I stop to gaze, I see A stallion toss his wispy mane Then race away, ne'er seen again.
Born in the middle of the night His coat soft as silk Scrutinizing the world around him He begins to learn the way of a horse Ready to grow big and strong
With chaps and hat Horse and friend He will carry me until the end We will ride and thrive Courageous and strong Together we succeed Never apart We ride the trails and mountain terrain
As I'm in the round pen preparing to ride She dances left to right, so I can not get on As if her steps aside gave her the chance to hide I finally got on, and we headed towards the lawn We started moving unrestricted
Thunder rolling across the plains Windblown mane Eyes full with electricity Shocking to the touch Untamed, uncut, crazed Lightning cracks across the sky Pure and powerful
Riding in the middle of a grassy pasture A cool burst of wind tosses your hair The sun kisses your face And the rush starts
Giant anteaters dancing a tango Twirling and stomping to a strange beat; An old growth of ponderosa pine as their dance floor, With a trio off on the sidelines watching. Abandoned mansion on the shores of an island,
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