An Enchanted Morn

An Enchanted Morn

A dancing beam of moonlight

A gentle breath of wind

A fluttering of the curtains

A waking form within

A silent sleeper waking to a mist shrouded world

A walker rising to greet the slumbering sun


Trees rise up to greet the heavens

Boughs stretching to the starry vaults above

Gravel crunches underfoot leading through the hills

Spiders spin silver tapestries of finest silk

Their webs leading deeper through the fields


Muffled thunder rumbles in the distance

The earth quakes and trembles in fear 

A mirage bursts through the morning mists

Shadowy figures drawing closer


Legs extended

Hooves pounding

Nostrils flaring

Manes flying

Inky Black

Dappled Grey

Golden Chestnut

Flaming Bay


A sudden stop

A quick leap

A slight figure riding

A centaur rearing

Galloping through the dawn


A slow stop

A gentle slide

A soft hug

A low nicker

A steaming apple mash

A smiling girl

As Chanticleer’s clarion cry heralds the rising sun


Why do I wake you ask?

A horse

A girl

A silent moment

That is all the reason I need


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