Spirit of the Stallion


Wild horses just run free

Nothing to stop them, just run with the breeze

They can believe in anything the world is theirs

No one can tell the free hearts that they are wrong

Dreams are reality, for they believe all is possible

Can’t be touched

Will not be chained

Happiness comes from loving what you have

But one gets a little adventurous, just gets a little to close

Toes the line, and soon it finds itself locked in a bind

Now the whole world is changed for this little horse

It is held down, told what to do

Tried to love its new world and new food

Shouldn’t it feel loved? With some much attention and so much delight

“Pretty Horsie” is whispered in its ears

The world has not lost its beauty, just at a distance it is seen

No longer a reality now just a dream

Life passes by all around

There are two ways for this stallion to live

One on the plains without any chains

One behind a fence, watching its wild world wisp away

This horse is saddled up, ready for its big debut

Beautiful and manicured it is paraded in

Then the real show begins

Bucking, kicking, screaming to be set free

Whipped and yelled at, didn’t they say they loved me?

This same scene goes on for months is seems, the little stallion wanting to be set free

Months go by and that spit fire starts to die

Some call this new horse beautiful and well behaved

Perfect in their society in every way

I cry for the dream that is gone inside its heart

The dreamer who lived its dream, the one who could run and touch the sky

That little stallion has started to die

Spirit of the stallion you are strong

But you cannot keep fighting, it will not be long

The spirit of the stallion can be broke

The death of a dreamer you can choke

Let her go, don’t you see, the beauty you see is the dreams being kicked out of me

Let her run, let her free then you will see the definition of beauty

You took the horse in for the freedom and spirit you saw

It captured you, changed you, and made you want that too

Breaking that won’t set you free it will only continue the pattern of destroying beauty

Follow that stallion let her show you her tale

You can learn from the souls set free

Oh little spirit don’t give up yet

You aren’t broken this isn’t over yet

Keep on dreaming, never let go

If the world around you changes one thing won’t die

The one thing you will always have is your spirit inside.





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