The Horse


Ask me what my everything is

and I will tell you, a horse

She carries me

when my troubles make me heavy

She does almost everything I ask

but is no servant

She is beautiful

but is not vain

She is the most strong and powerful being I know

but is not violent

She is most willing

but no slave 

She is swift and fast

but runs from no one

She is the most perfect combination

of grace and power on earth

She flys

but has no wings

When she takes off

she takes me with her

She somehow always finds a way

to leave the human spirit soaring

She is smart

without arrogance

She knows right from wrong

but like me,

she makes mistakes sometimes

She will always listen

but will never tell

We become one together

in a way that few things do

There exists a complete trust

between us two

And she knows I love her too




The horse's name is Alice.  I have a hard time putting into words what she means to me,  but here's my first go.

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