Electric Tango

Wed, 05/01/2013 - 23:29 -- mc488


United States
35° 21' 38.106" N, 111° 45' 41.2776" W

Giant anteaters dancing a tango
Twirling and stomping to a strange beat;
An old growth of ponderosa pine as their dance floor,
With a trio off on the sidelines watching.
Abandoned mansion on the shores of an island,
Hidden stables; fresh straw; a secret breeding ground –
A new species lacking that of skin and coat,
Screaming like electricity {and} an eerie beauty.
Abominable snowman dancing; out for a start
Pure-white and full of life – teeth bearing in a grin,
As big-foot stands to the side gently smiling
Waiting to give a tour of his earthly home;
A perfect duo of friends for life.
Ancient stump of a thousand years,
Hidden in a hollow; hoping, praying not to be found –
They approach, talking in murmurs,
These giant anteaters who tango dance for the dead.
High in price; extreme on the scale of shock,
Eyes rolling and sparks flying; heat radiating –
Horses snorting and moving to the vibrations of power.
Distracting as the other sets up; plotting,
Grinning for the known glory in the end
As the ‘tour’ begins; swiftly attacks,
One by one, each gently fall to their own earthly grave
With laughter deep and rumbling sounding off.


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