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Your calming noisesYour soft, soothing furYou have always been there for meand I will always be there for you   The thoughtthat anyonecould hurt you…   Breaks my heart.  
Cats, round balls of fur. They move only in blurs.   Does my vision deceive?, Godspeed. A cat zooming by at topspeed.  
Somebody abandoned their cat and it's a damn shame.I have decided to call her Penny, that is her new name.After being abandoned, she decided to live here and she has chocolate brown fur.
Somebody abandoned a cat in my neighborhood.They no longer wanted her so they got rid of her for good.At first, she'd come on my property for a few hours and then she would leave.
Dark and silky, clean and shiny. There lies, akin to the devils, those bewitching pupils.   Slowly advancing, four majestic paws.
(Note: This is not a picture of my cat. It's a picture of a cat that looks very similar.)  
Farrokh Bulsara a.k.a. Freddie MercuryBritish singer, songwriter known universallyConfirmed he had AIDS and then died the next dayHis music through Queen still rocks us all the way.
Have you ever been inspired by an animal you admired? They ask "Who inspired you?" You don't often say "Maine coons"   You may think of your brothers, your sisters, or Dad,
      Tinkle tinkle tinkle-              Klink Thus goes my cat onto the shelf.         Tinkle tinkle tinkle-
I have a cat named Willie He has the nickname of Billy, He loves to meow It’s adorable, anyhow, He has a bell on his collar Which was just a dollar,
Empty   It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise.
Understanding Death   Death is abstract. It comes in varying forms, and sneaks up on you.   Suddenly, she appeared.  
Inside   My tears fall swift and silent. It is too quiet… Deafening silence fills the air, lays on my bed, and covers the floor.
One Hundred and Sixteen   These quiet halls are bleak with emptiness. My footsteps, slow and loud, alert no one. The door to my room grows taller,
A Cat and a Change   Constant scrutiny and miscommunication. The silent critic made life unbearable. Home was ripped away again,
Blood red lips kiss the mouths of stained glass bottles. Bottoms up, seal it shut with a cobblestone cork. It’s almost religious; it’s almost romantic
Summer mornings I'd watch as he of wing and tapered tail, royal and rust,
I do not hear the most pleasant things At night when my cat’s collar bell rings. I hear spirits whispering, sinks running, children laughing,
As she looks out the window, her tail swishes. Is this what’s become of her wishes? This panther turned domestic Is no less majestic Than the vision of herself That she left high on a shelf.
Every time now I come home Her inviting eyes on me from the window. Vibrations rise from her tiny throat, calling for my attention, making me feel whole.   She is my greatest friend, who would never
After days of needing some inspiration With a lot of stress and perspiration I decided to sell my creative muse Since, as of late he has been of little use I have no idea what I should ask
Orange, white, black, and brown, I know you won’t let me down. Round, fluffy, chunky monkey, Why are you always hungry? Playful, smart, clever, beauty, You are my splooty booty.  
The silent tears roll down my face Soon a fire takes their place My eyes look up with murder and hate My skin a cold and pale slate Your hand that reaches out for mine And gently coaxes the angry cat
It has been a few years since I’ve last talked to you. You’ve slipped my mind as I lived and grew. I write to you this poem of mine. I hope that it’ll make it to you just fine.
Oh my dear egg, I have to be clear, I’m not very happy with you, When in my face, You decide to stick your rear.   A cat with flair,
A beautiful creature With a mane full of snow Silently sits Though she always knows   In the dark nights When no one is near He comes The only one to hear  
Late at night the door gradually creeks open wearily shedding undesirable light. The unknowingly mocking scratches on the lifeless cold floor.
I have a cat That is unfriendly My skin their claw mat Claws that claw a-plenty   I have a feline Looks of silvery gray
It feels like a summer day, Laying on the front porch step.   It feels like an old house, Existing as quite unkept.   It feels like an empty schedule,
Our daily visitor’s a special cat, No-one can really argue about that! Across the road she comes to our side, From the animals at her house she wants to hide.
Once upon a time there lived a cat. Though he was no ordinary tom cat, for he was Puss in Boots.   With cunning ticks and an all to uncanny wit,
Once upon a time There was a little kitten Who was very different From the others in her litter   She was born in a barn
There once was a princess With a heart built to grow It's not really my business, But I felt you should know She's said to be sleeping We all know the fable But instead of her dreaming,
Notice The domesticated house cat With his fluffy tail and silent paws He sits perched up high with not a care to call his own And he sunbathes Notice How he has no care over who passes by or through
Last year I was at a funeral for my grandmother. My strong, polish grandmother Who grew up in Dachau concentration camp. We all wept, Me especially,
My cats meow a song of hunger and thirst while we prepare meals for their routine dry feast.   They run back and forth between the kitchen and the hall where they eat,
Seeing    My          Impeccable         feLine             bElla. Feeling
Jay seems like a monster in the morning Angry about having to leave his bed Yet once he has his coffee a change happens Relaxation, relief and more awake than before
The days can only get tougher And life can only get harder- But when I walk in the door and am greeted by your excitement- My day can only get better, And my smile can only get brighter.  
What makes me feel good? A cat, purring on my lap Forever content
Sweet sentiments the birds sing to me, This greenbelt of tall and lean,  shimmering tropical colors of green. It peaks through my window, dancing facets of light. Touches the skin and warms the sight. 
Smokey. My kitty.      He pukes everywhere at night.  But I love him so. 
I'm a tiger.  He's a lion, Or maybe it's a she. Well, I guess it doesn't matter, Because I am better than them, you see?   You may call them the animal kings, And, yes, they're pretty tough,
She is in my bed, trying to find her place in the waves of sheets. For the sheets have already taken me, into an ocean of sleep, Drifting further and further away.  Away from the thought of her,
Scurrying about Wide eyes wary of feline watch. Gaze fixed, now they run.
You see the sign, it says stop You're obedient so you have no choice but to halt You look through the window, you fall in love with the cat on the neighbour's roof top You feel she's the only one who can give you the lot
Coco is my cat, He is very fat. He likes to cuddle. He doesn't like puddles. I couldn't live without the way he chirps and shouts when he is away from me.   He smells like my home
Tell me, would you enjoy the jungle? How would you feel  about salty wind hitting your fur?    The very first thing you would do would be run away. I can picture it now.
A cat named Snowy My partner in crime and friend Cannot live without
Couldn't live without She is my number one best friend Purring all night long
1. Mechcanical man Rundown machine still has use Broken as I am   2. Living piece of night Inky slinky shadow cat From the darkness, purr   3. Colors of life, gone
The beautiful black cat, The one I never originally picked out, But the one I'm glad I ended up with The beautiful black cat who sleeps with me at night, licks my tears when I'm crying,
My shoulders hurt from studying  I can not stop I can not stop Through the book I am fumbling I can not stop I can not stop My cat comes by My water spills My work is wrecked My cat walks on
  Here lies the cat in grander soft and big, In dreams he prances quickly and sly. If possible cat would catch the horrible pig, He who does not stop being a bad guy.  
Ancient roots running deep.The strongest of instincts coursing throughthe blood of one so familiar to us.
Don’t foresee Everything With discontent   A day Will come For you too Beauty Is not something That is concerned To the way you look The only thing
Sleeping, little shape, Tail twitching from playful dreams, Peaceful, purring, sweet.
I startle awake in pitch dark, the dogs oustide bark.
Cat-God. Scars on human souls like cracks on china plates, stone-cold glue seeping from wounds frozen mid-drip.   Cat-God. Paws against old wood shelf, one furry oaw on slick porcelain.
Can you tie a cat knot?
When I go to sleep
Home is where the heart is But if the heart is not at home Does it curl up in a ball Or does it find a place to roam   Home is where the heart is But in this house it is not warm
Ah how did I get here? My curiosity has awakened. I don’t have many qualities, But don’t shed a tear. For I love myself, I have never-ending curiosity, And I always fulfill it without any fear.
Lilith, Baby Cat, Booger Ball, Booger...Bean. You knew your name before I did. I fell in love with you when you were first born on the fouton. Your eyes were closed, you fit in the palm of my hand
My dog, mine. My life disrupted, my space invaded. No! Down! My nerves a wreck. Come here, you hungry? I love you. Pee on the floor,hair everywhere, stupid dog.  
I wonder if thou hath dots on thy face
Here comes the kitty cat Pitter pat, pitter pat. Searching for a willing hand To pet and scratch his back   He squeezes through my doorway And I see his long tail sway.
The room in my house that,
There once was a cat that lived behind a house, He was a fierce hunter and loved to chase the mouse.
I could feel her soul fading, her temperature dropping, and her heart beating one last beat. 
I used to fall asleep, head brushing fur to the gentle melody of your steady purr   And I can still remember exactly how it felt warm and safe and comforted, my head on your pelt  
Ever held a dead, lifeless body in your arms?
glistening gold eyes peering with curiousity   the slender black frame   stalking and circling   innocently evil.
Cat An animal with fur and 4 legs Meowing and Dancing Chasing mice down the hall Leaving Footprints on my heart
Stormy He walks through his world with strength in his stride He flaunts his power and all other creatures hide Razor sharp claws protrude from his hands and feet
I'm looking at my cat She's peacefully sleeping She's getting kind of fat And each eye a little peeping  
Nissa loves to annoy us. She meows and acts coy to fuss. She may be bullemic, but she loves to take our food and lick it.
my cat spunk is great, he's never one to hate, he loves me good or bad, he's not a passing fad. He likes to cuddle and purr, he has the softest fur. He's always there for me, i hope he repeats history.
Sly glittering eyes Feathers all around More cunning than wise Being without sound   Hunter in disguise Blue fire eternal
I noticed you leave as it rained yesterdayWiping the last of your paw prints awayI joined with the sky as the heavy drops fellNow my windshield is bare and my heart is as wellI got home from school and waited for you
soft fur fat cat from twenty pounds to ten at twelve years old and still a fat cat in my mind with baggy skin who can't eat and softer fur protuding bones watery eyes
Cat did purr ever so softly and dream she did of warm milk and mice
Lightning's Haiku I love my kitty I rescued him off the street His name is Lightning
Unconditional Love. The rumbling purr Or the wagging tail Of that family member always there to greet you. The gentle nudge of a little nose, Wet or whiskered with a velvety feel,
A moth flits through the airUntil a grey paw darts outAnd pulls it down.Then it is gone.
Like a best friend, Poetry is there. It is always open, And it is always fair.   Like a mother, Poetry is there. It will always accept you, No matter what you dare.  
I never thought I would see a mean cat It was indeed a day to walk outside It's fur looked damaged for it did look fat I could not believe it, I almost cried The cat was enraged with demonic hate
Our neighbors, being our neighbors put him in a cardboard box by the barn so on coming home I would not, running to his corpse, collapse and cry there by the road. What care did you have, my little Summer
The morning sun shining brightly over the orange grove The sun warming the plants and animals, signaling the start of yet another day Dust coming up in clouds as the tractor meanders through the trees
She wakes up alone-- Except for a cat by her side. And she is happy She eats breakfast alone-- Except for a cat by her side. And she is happy.
So many people rushing about Heading to Atlanta, to Seattle, to New York Only thinking of themselves, their destinations, their time. The man with the newspaper so wrapped up in the politics/sports
Unsuspected you creep on the carpet Your paws move in a slow caress Your eyes moving like rolling marbles And your back an arch in Paris
Have you ever had something just catch you? Right when you were off guard. That little, spontaneous, thing. That makes everything that made you so weak So fragile So lost
Never step on the tail of a cat. For all you know, he could be lying on the mat. And if you take one step on his tail, You will surely hear a most frightful wail.
There once was a cat named splat Who wore a funky hat He fittled and fuddled And stepped in peters puddle And that was that.
Black coat, with the white underneath Got the breath of her last bath on her teeth And she’s an actress, doesn’t miss a single beat Rubs up on your leg when she wants to eat But in pitch black you must beware
What inspires me is when you don't read, you refuse to look into a world that I'm forced to perceive. What inspires me is when i sit here and bleed, lay here and shed tears, cry, cry and plead
Listen to Me for once in your life! You don't know what this pain really feels like. No one knows what I'm saying to you. All you hear is a bark or two. I lie neglected all day, every day.
Slanted, sly the cat comes up from the barn's stone side in a clearly evoked mode of attack. I watch from behind the screen closure, reclined, reading the paper. The mouse or bird or rabbit cannot be seen,
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