Don’t foresee


With discontent


A day

Will come

For you too


Is not something

That is concerned

To the way you look

The only thing

That ever matters

Is the beauty of your heart

And that of your mind

Share whatever

You ever need to

But it seems to be not so

For if you ever did

Thumbs would have risen

In the airs

Upon the praise

Of your wit

Tweets would have sounded up

Golden stars would appear

Red pluses would have

Been more


Comments would have

Been plenty

Replies would you have given

Comments from your

So called nearby foes

O sorry! meant to say pals

Or buddies would have

Typed down words

To mock


You on the ‘other’ hand

Would use in your wit

To turn down their words

With that satire they would shut


But nothing seems to fill

Not even for one

So real buds or

Pals are they all

Really to be?


All the works

Reveal the exact

Psyche and the

Dilemma you


Being out there



With none much

For a good company


Times flyby

For you

Just by reading

Some stories

Surfing the web

Built by a large

Spider across the

Whole Wide World


As a sad Cat

Are you too

Caught up into

This whole mess

But with a fate

Called lone



Will always be

Your argument


But your eye

Would love to

Share a tear

For every nerves

In your brain

And vessels

Of your heart

Knows that

This is

An ultimate truth


How can you stay

Long to be lone?

To cook, surf, read, and

Pen down your desires?


Its only until

You get into

The next approach

In your life

Until then this will



But the next too

Is not as you may think

Friends you may get

Would be few

Work you would do

Would be plenty more

In nature you would be

But not seem to

Enjoy as you did



This is a little

Of the foreseeing

Of your future

You may disagree

But you know it’s all






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