Kitty Cat (Pitter Pat, Pitter Pat)


Here comes the kitty cat

Pitter pat, pitter pat.

Searching for a willing hand

To pet and scratch his back


He squeezes through my doorway

And I see his long tail sway.

He walks with so much grace,

I swear he knows ballet


He spots me snuggled up in bed

As he slowly strolls ahead.

I know he’s set his target

I just hope he doesn’t shed.


Even though my bed is steep

He needs only one great leap

To pounce on top the mattress

And land in one big furry heap


Then he cautiously begins to crawl

Making sure he does not fall

Over blankets, legs and sheets

To his favorite place to sprawl


I reach over to stroke his fur

As I hear his gentle purr

His feet are at his head

But he’s comfortable I’m sure


       Shh, be quiet boys!

       Quit banging on your toys

       You’ll wake the sleeping kitty

       Quit making so much noise!







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