III. A Cat and a Change

A Cat and a Change


Constant scrutiny and miscommunication.

The silent critic made life unbearable.

Home was ripped away again,

and I sank like a rock to the bottom of the lake.

Moving to solitude held a different kind of silence.

The peace felt like freedom.

Blue walls and black tile floors,

sweet quiet and closed wooden doors.

I found myself and followed her down the rabbit hole.

We rode the rainbow highway and

stayed inside until the universe called.

Our stomachs growled with fervorous rage.

Winter winds were harsh and the snow fell

down like dye permeating water.

The last domino was swept under the couch,

and new toys were gifted to me in my time of need.

Being lonely is not the same as being alone,

but one can quickly turn into the other.


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