A man falls in love

Fri, 05/06/2016 - 15:41 -- Huz M

You see the sign, it says stop
You're obedient so you have no choice but to halt
You look through the window, you fall in love with the cat on the neighbour's roof top
You feel she's the only one who can give you the lot
You feel what's happening with you is crazy
While thinking if she can really hit your spot
You realise she's not human
Thus she can't perform a blowjob.
These thoughts are the results of a malfunctioned brain
A mind who just discovered that the Thames is a river
Not an adult game
And not at all surprised by the new finding
You try to figure out a name
For your beloved Jane
'Wow' you just found it out
And it's pretty lame.
The camera is set to immortalise some of her gestures
So you can take them with you under the shower
In search for more adventures
"It will be a good joint-venture"-you whisper to yourself
The walls are shaking
Your heart is aching
And you're still watching her passionately
Licking her own legs gently
That's your story
In fact, that's the story of many of us
That of a man in love with a pussy!

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Our world


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