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In tidings of Christmas  Round bound of luminous senses, soul and spirit  Whirling In hypnotic insanity is a wing insect 
it is time again to be grappling at being free again I must be coming down the path in which I wear the crown for with it comes, the waves of pain they've come to haunt me once again
while traveling abroad within the confounds of your mind you will discover the passages entering through those the gods and goddesses have granted access throughout your mindful jog
Nothing seems the way it is for truth is often shy a tadpole's frogsuit not yet his nor worm yet butterfly   The sleepy bud on frozen twig dreams in naught but green
What is a "safe life"?  I call B.S. There is no such thing.  These two words have no connection No rhyme or validation 
The psychological feel of advancement A portal to a new beginning Using darkness to create and mold my light
The flurry of frozen fractals Shatteered remains of my subconscious Such a buoyant, bright element Holds so much regret, pain Drifting down, Falling to the ground. My mind piece by piece,
Comb through your luscious, red hair, And find me lying amidst those tongues of fire, Betwixt the very sand and sky— I could just cry, For in due time, I’ll fall for human physiognomy,
Small and quiet This frail child, Always seeking validation from others Always wanting to know what she did was okay Did she look right? Did she walk right? Is her hair in place? Is she sitting up straight?
I used to be made of the leftover sand that spilled out of the sandbox And the creaking noise the swings made when you jumped on.   I used to be made of the crusty Playdough that stuck to your fingers
When the universe was arranged, All creation from a bang, Every grain, Every cell, Every atom flew out. And like all matter careened about,
Metamorphosis; The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form In two or more stages.   Metamorphosis; maturity. Caterpillars that eat their knowledge out of Milkweeds
I was quiet. I was bleek. My life consisted of listening to what others said. I grew strength. I grew power. I decided to follow my own path instead. I am willful. I am passionate.
Work hard and when that is not enough work harder, Work until your flaws fade to black, Work until people stand up and take notice,
Beast   Ego sum bestiam. I, I am the beast. I am no one’s keeper.  
Unconditional love, There is no need of compensation or expectation But only great ingenuous care and love exists  
Favorite song is my saving grace Laptop that I purchased fails
Here I am, just me, Standing on the mountain top. I have changed, renewed.
It’s the beginning Born the same, life is simple Why would there be hate? But the winds change Clouds turn black with jealousy And the cold descends Eyes stare with hatred
  Metamorphosis A change throughout time and age Parting ways with old   Onward to the life That you have always wanted Goodbye to the old   Different outlook
Changing everythingI once crawled, but now I flyNothing can stop me
You mean when a caterpillar liquefies itself into a butterfly?      Just melting in ice   Or the transformation within the belly from embryo to a bundle of joy?     Cute cuddly darling.  
 Metamorphosis simply is change                                                                                                                                                                                    Occasionally earmarked as strange   
dusty rags fall downat my feet swirl ash and dirt;brilliant white light
To be crude, To be rude, Is something she never learned. To be sweet, To never cheat, Was stamped into her mind and burned.   A perfect little porcelain doll waiting in an abyss,
When a thought is born, A transformation happens. It flows through my hands And onto paper.
The rain coated asphalt Black and sparkling I fell to the rock bottom We use for parking. Suddenly I'm Hyperventilating No thoughts of vindicating Nothing was indicating
I A group of artists have arrived into this city– an Unreal City. Since ages we had dreamt of a Real City. And now these artists have promised it for us.
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