A Glow Inside A Seemingly Black Heart

A Glow Inside A Seemingly Black Heart


Remember when you were young and oh so innocent?

You'd always smile and be friendly to everyone in hope of making a new friend

And even though you weren't successful, you'd just smile and keep trying

And then there came that day, the day you found out that people can be so mean

So cruel

Such a bully


You get made fun of your clothes

Your smile

Your weight

Your shoes

And just being you


At first you try to shake it off and just smile again

But over time, after daily harassment

Your innocent smile fades

Your happy-go-lucky mood become a slow, bitter trickle

Your clothes once containing colors eventually become darker and darker

And your heart becomes a cold and heavy stone


As you and everyone else grows

The insults get worse

The frequency escalates faster than you try to block them out

And the number of people that follow your tormentors

That once was a militia now becomes an army


And then it  finally happens

The day where you become so cold hearted and angry

That your once happy self is locked up so deep inside with chains of irons

Is only a clouded memory that acts as the conscious you choose to ignore

You start to wear all black, skulls, boots, and a spiked vest


You try to go from everyone's target

To the one that no one wants to go near

You become short tempered

Eternally angry

And you form a labyrinth of a shell to block everyone out

So you don't have to deal with your pain


You become renown throughout the social hierarchy as the boy who never smiles

Rarely laughs

Always angry

So cold and bitter  to everyone


But deep down in your new heavy heart

You know you don't want to be this way

You miss not needing a reason to smile

You long to share a laugh with another

You just wish you could open up to the world

And let them know who you really are

But the daily torment makes you afraid of your own self


You finally seek out your true self

Find help from people who were just like you and know how to help you

You fight it and refuse to open up at first because you are afraid what will happen

You feel like you're going to be torn down like all the other times

But with time you opened up

You learned to smile again

To laugh again

To feel human once more

To love with no fear


You finally break your chains and soar to the clouds

You have reunited with your past self that you believed died long ago

Your family cries and smiles

Your true friends don't say anything but embrace you as a group

Then everyone that once made you feel so weak

And the whole world finally sees you for who you really are


What was once anger, frustration, violence, and rage

Is now kindess, patience, passiveness, and compassion

And you feel so good because you spent so long in your black heart

So deep, so cold, and so distant

That what was once an epitome of darkness

Has now become such a radiating glow


Even though you dawn your spikes, boots, and somber attire

You do so with this newfound love

As a reminder to yourself where you have come from

What you had to go through

And to show to the world

That even the ones who appear to be the darkest and coldest of people

They can have a glow inside a seemingly black heart



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