My Metamorphosis

What is a "safe life"? 

I call B.S.

There is no such thing. 

These two words have no connection

No rhyme or validation 

Safety is something in and of itself

It can neither help nor enliven 

We spend so much of our time afraid Women walk down a sleepy street wondering if they are safe

They can no longer let the beautiful evening sink into their bones and light up their heart

We are born and handed a shield

A shield that not only guards you from trouble but from the most rich and sensual experiences a person can be gifted

As we accept the possibilities of our hearts and those around us

we suddenly find there are butterflies buried in our souls 

spreading their wings as realization and meditation nurtures then back to life

Suddenly the dark looks interesting and alive

Suddenly trust is not weakness and doubt ceases to exist. 

The moment we relinquish control is the moment we begin to live. 

We begin to live lucid hallucinations and feel the magic that lives between two kindred spirits. 

Love exists in the space between two souls, and can only truly be felt when our hearts open up and the fear runs out. Worry and ego stand in the way of our utmost. 

We can make excuses... and that's okay too. 

But don't allow your life to pass you by without being afraid. 

Fear is not the goal, fear shows us our goals. 

When we are afraid of something our ego is being threatened and in that moment you know who you are. 

You can either let fear rule your ego or you can use it to reveal the most vibrant path to take. 

Our hearts are limitless expanses of energy. 

Waiting for people to love. Once again, pay heed to your ego. 

Thoughts of control and anger spring from the ego and insecurity. 

Love will come and go. 

The only constant lies within our ability to love people as long as they let us. 

That is all. 

If you try to make them stay the sparks dwindle and the currents of fate fall stagnant and unused. 

The flow of connections that we are constantly making with one another will charge you, and one day when you open your eyes and stretch. 

There you will find wings where there were once arms. 

Trust the current

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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