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I spent so long worried about what I could give Whether I was giving enough How many people I was giving to Pieces of myself Breaking apart Little by little Piece by piece
What are you doing on Friday? Would you like to hold my hand and walk by the river? Would you like to cradle a bottle of wine and a whole box of ritz crackers?
What if there was a world where no harm was done, no shame or mistakes   What if there was a world Where nobody was scared,  no hiding or lies   What if there was a world 
Was it given to me at birth The perspective of my parent Their collective history Or the passing of time   What do the trees call me When I pass by their brothers Run my hands through the leaves
By the grave I saw the cloudsThe thundery taint taintingI crave the clerical, cloudy comorosAnd its eyes have all the taintingAnd the thunderclouds never tarnishingMy grayness, I could not awaken Deep into that
I once was an icon A symbol of the past But humans are fickle They forget way to fast I'd be in the forest Hunting with my friends I woke when the night began I sleep when it ends
If I could spell fear then I wouldn't, Given the chance, I'd scream it in its face, You would begin to stutter but you shouldn't, Fear was designed to put you in your place,
Come with me and take a seat in the kitchen, And tell me about your tilted position.
I settled into the porcelain coffin, tiny bubbles and waves rippling, cascading over the past and the present.   My feet rose with the crack, an existential break in the mold of
Am I your friend or am I your Man Somedays I just don't know I cry every day Your the one I truly want Why do I care so much about you It's been seven years that we've been in this fight
What nights, what days, my life spent in splendor.  Even though I am a humble schizophrenic, I am also a college graduate.
Colors are simple, as happiness should be.  I often find my myself drenched in multicolored lights,  Feeling bliss that is new and exciting, yet old and comforting. I surround myself in varying colors.
You can say what you want I still remember As if i fucking want to   the floor butter and dried up soda, behind movie screen
I am antique malls and dusty dishes  I am front porch pickers and moonshine sippers  I am light up sketchers and spongy pineapple dwellers I am young mistakes and a family disgrace I am dogwood trees and honey bees
Who knew the sins of the past, would resurface in the future? Might I ask, What would you do if you made
What Can I (Watch the video) [Verse 1:] So, they ask me what’s poetry. What can I do but tell you what this poet thinks?
When the world is dark, And the tears stream down my face. When I can’t breathe, When the weight of the world rests on my shoulders, That is WHEN I write. When the colors fade to grey,
Is it the way she stares at you while you comb your hair, Or the way she rushes you out of bed? The way she can make you regret every decision you've made, Even prove to you that you still care.
All I need are the lives of my brethren, given up for the ideals of the free. Pressing forward with my dreams I've been buildin' Seeing all these faces looking up at me. Millin' in my mind, all the time,
When there is someone you truly love, You'll find that life before them was without consequence. Without purpose. You feel useless. Before I met Her, I thought that what I couldn't live without was materialistic.
She asked Him a question   which was an interesting one it was just that   suppose if He had not met Her in His life   what would He have felt missed in His life?  
How much can you bear? Why are you always on the clutches of wishes? However you are hurt you don’t seem to learn   Whenever the mind wants to stop, you continue Whenever the mind wants to continue, you stop
I lay awake many of nights thinking about a single line in one of the catchiest songs all time.
Do not ask me what I was wearing My denim shorts were not an invitation Do not ask me what I was wearing My floral blouse did not have "YES" written on it Do not ask me what I was weaing
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
What's life without an aim
Being told I am not enough I get hurt because I care too much I turn to things that help me up. The art of makeup makes me forget who I was I got myself a new identity since I cannot go back to what I was. 
What you see before you is not what I see in the mirror. For the mirror knows the true person who always hides behind the mask. Tell me, is it true that the most common mask we put on every day is a smiling face?
Alice has done something horrible.  
Everyone is equal, why is there a feminism sequal?
I once had a childhood; carefree, full of dreams.     I once had a family; happy, loving.     I once had my sight; to explore, to enjoy, to embrace the world around me.    
For all we know, we could have died years ago.  Our sleepless, immobile bodies floating around, waiting to be kissed by the Earth to start over and begin a new life.  For all we know, life is one big dream.
we are the worlds tomorrow we are the new generation we are the future than why are we so reluctant to see the necessity of life   we lead our lives according to hashtags and social media
When was the day that I felt the heat? Was I lifeguarding on Jackson street? Was I pouring salt on a customers fries? Was I organizing silk sewn ties? Did i ring up that DVD correctly?
Three line segments sat in space. Together, they kissed three invisible vertices.
Sew a quesiton mark to your deams imagine where you shall be. Maybe you are a tree staying, waiting, without motion in one place for a lifetime seeing changes around you
Imagine everyone being happy. The poor, the rich, the hobos, the CEOs. You can, and in your mind, you imagine them smiling. After all, smiling’s happiness. But you’ve smiled.
  If I could change one thing, it would be discrimination The only thing it brings its separation The world has no place for segregation We are brothers and sisters So why are we adversary?
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
This eternity seems to dim after sex, lust, and beauty are gone. Should it though? Why obsess with touch and feel, when there is  so much to  touch and feel;
The ability to change the world is greater than I can imagine What would I change is a great question Would it be to creat world peace, or take away crime? Or would it be more complex, like slowing down time?
People are trying to be the next big thing, trying to out do the each other like we are in a race, conforming to what we think the world wants,
Quarters, nickels, and dimes can change hands every day. Each face different, but to a child, they only see them as gray. Open your hearts like a target register. And see the world like a child
Everything Matters to Me !  If I didn't have my parents  I would not have been here today I am 17 years of age and yes I been through it all but the question is  What Matters ?
Its not always understood that maybe your cultural views and religon, tend to get in the way of many things.
Innocence captured by the hands of evil,                    A life stolen, that can never be returned.
I'm not what you think I'm not who you think I'm not where you think I'm not when you think I'm every thing I'm every thing I'm every where I'm every where
Is wisdom a fragment of our mind Or is it something that knowledge left behind to distinguish one of us from another one of us or maybe it's a mind stamp
We all want to be loved, In this judgemental world. "Accept me for who I am!" Says the judgemental girl. We all point fingers At who or what needs to change. "No one will love you like that!"
You want to feed my mind but i leave class hungry. You sit in class and teach but I cant pay attention. I dont understand why i fail, which is so funny. I try and use the bathroom but i need your permission.
What do you call it The obscure thing that wakes you up That gets you to roll out of bed
That back seat far into the corner, I become unseen. Though I do the work that you ask, Why can I not just be me?   You tell us to be our selves, But when we do, you shut us down,
First I started out counting and learning colors. Man, I Felt so much smarter than the others. Challenges grew harder, my brain was expanding. Reading, writing and math were knew to my understanding.
Education is made out to be oh so important I'm not here to say that it's not. but when you think of the true meaning of education, You really should give it some thought.
Oh! For my school The things I would change Everything.  
The shit I wish I could tell my teacher would probably get me supended. But once the shit I wish I could have said probably would have saved my arm. Bullying was killing me inside. Going through all differnt changes with my body and feelings.
  I guess Tomorrow was yours, too Because you took it from My Hands, How arrogant so yesterday couldn’t fill you and you could not be hungry, yes
I wait and watch to hear my name, I wait until to see what tomorrow brings, I wait and I find myself listening, hoping, and dreaming.   Ohio brings what Arizona cannot, Humidity, winter, blazing summers
In school I learned about english and bullying Judgement, math, and the flaws of schooling. But there are some things my teacher didn't tell me Things that the new me is scared of knowing.
What is failure? what is love? what is happiness? what is courage? and what is hope? what is grammar? what is correct? what is understanding? what is right? and what is wrong?
Throught life you have to take decision and whether its positive or   negative, life goes on
We are all given the same time but what does that dictate that a plant can walk or a dog learn to speak. When seven billion people exist how many can truly be seen but a few in the gleaming light of stars embrace.
Being rewarded: to receive something for doing something. It's a great feeling whether it be cash or whatever with we're dealing.  It sort of a mental healing.  To feel accepted and recognized,
I write this poem is for you,Because you have an honest soul,Because you've cried yourself to sleep at night at least once before.
I hear the soft footsteps of rain outside my window, It’s louder friend only seconds behind. They bring me no fear, No wariness, no excitement.
Always finding the negativeCounter exampling the positiveGood times or badEither way I'm always kind of glad When I talk with youIt takes away the bluesYour nice sweet voiceCan make me rejoice
Why does he write? An question rhetorical in its nature To know why he writes Is to kno the story of the Pen & the Paper One plays the role of his savior the other one plays the role of his creator
A constant babble fills my ears too many people shouting their word. I cannot listen, nor can I be heard.   I cry out, to the great unknown Whether or not they hear me i don't know.
Why do I write you say? Why do i scribble the day away? Words are moving, filled with emotion. Writing succesfully requires devotion. It is upon this note, That here this poem is what i wrote.
Watching raindrops fall from out of my window As tears fall upon my pillow My heart it aches Because I've tried and tried...what will it take?   I wear my heart on my sleeve.  
When I put pen to paper there is no hold back on the amountEndless feelings cannot be spilled with in 30 linesAnd an imminent amount of timeAnd sometimes, they're not even sublimeSo you're here, like why waste my time
Hartford is a storm. Hartford is a rainbow.   Hartford is a concrete rose garden That when the sun washes over the streets They grow.
My pen is my voice It is used to express what my voice cannot say. My pen is my mind What it writes is what I think, What I know, What I wish for, What I dream of. My pen is my happiness,
Young love is the topic of discussion, heartbeat, tempo cousin of percussion. Okay, Where do I start? The ladies and the girls thinking men run the heart. Independence, Coincidence, hence-
I don’t know what to think. All the words are here but I just have to reassemble them. They keep moving all around me so it’s find it hard to grasp onto a single idea.
What If? What if sandwiches could talk? Cuz it looks like they have mouths. What if trees could walk? Cuz the roots look like legs. What if pictures were portals to the past? Cuz picture frame shapes look like small time machines.
The sound of far off drums, the heart of the tribe awakens and rushes the blood of fury, a beastly vibe, the sounds of life, Eden's garden, calms heart's strife, a tranquil pardon, to the strums of Zizi, and the Duke
What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel, what’s coming near? How does it happen? How does it come? How does it rise, or fall from the sun? Where does it live? Where does it sleep?
What is loneliness? One might ask Is it a black hole? Destroying Annihilating Everything around it Leaving nothing behind
I never know what choice to make, Be it right, be it wrong. I never know which road to take, Be it right, be it left. I never know what to do, Be it this or be it that. I never know who to trust,
Life is what you make of it You choose what you do You make your own decisions No one can do things for you It's all on you People surround you everyday Times may be hard But
He looked at Me today.. He didn't speak but He peeped at Me today.. I caught that little smirk, I still consider him a jerk for the way he portrays himself around school, but its all cool.
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