What I need

When there is someone you truly love,

You'll find that life before them was without consequence.

Without purpose.

You feel useless.

Before I met Her, I thought that what I couldn't live without was materialistic.

But then I did meet Her.

And by simply being near me, She'd made made me impossibly optimistic.

It detered me not even when She told me she was a bit masochistic.

Before her I was just surviving,

Because it was She who gave me a reason to live.

So when asked what the one thing I can't live without is,

I tell people that it's one person who does nothing but give.

She gives,

And gives,

And gives.

Yet to me, all that means is She's within the premises.

I love Her.

She's the only person in my world I'd give my life for without hesitating.

She likes me because--I admit--I can be a little dominating.

I love Her.

But the time we spent together was short-lived and a blur.

It was never long enough for me,

And without Her I'll probably be in a bar with my words slurred.

I love Her, and can't imagine my world without Her.

That's why it saddens me that she'll never be mine.

She belongs to another,

And that makes me want to die.

With nothing but the sound of her voice, She makes me pleased.

It's not food,


Or any stupid machine,

But it's her that I need.

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