What Was I Thinking

Who knew the sins of the past,

would resurface in the future?

Might I ask,

What would you do if you made

the same mistake twice

Falling for the same silver tongue

That can build just as much as it can destroy

The one who can put on such a show,

to hide the demons that reside inward

The one that brings out the devil in you,

and makes you feel,


Following through a daze that couldn’t be love

but fed off of an emotion impure

At least I can tell the difference

The skeleton that once hung deep in my closet

Grew flesh and manifested by the same name,

The same tone,  the same motive

And me like a fool falling for the same silver tongue,

That built me up, just as much as it tore me down

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I never say this word....but damn

that was really good...

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