All I need are the lives of my brethren,

given up for the ideals of the free.

Pressing forward with my dreams I've been buildin'

Seeing all these faces looking up at me.

Millin' in my mind,

all the time,

Why am I alive?

Why didn't I die?

Why wasn't I the meth guy,

who lied and stole,

rick and rolled,

never heading the advice for which they've been told.

But then there's me,

remaining in my seat,


seeing all the ways that it could be.

Wait could have been,

but every now and then,

my reminiscing begins.

And starts the spins

those deep mental trips.

Going back to where it all begins

with my friends,

telling me I'm the best,

“Harvard Cody” they said.

And now,

they keep showing up dead,

another CREB protein,

in my head

SO you ask me what I need?

I don't need anything,

it's already been taken from me.

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