What Matters !

Everything Matters to Me ! 

If I didn't have my parents 

I would not have been here today

I am 17 years of age and

yes I been through it all

but the question is 

What Matters ?

What matters when I am down ?

A paper and a pen matters

I write because it is life.

What Matters

At my lowest points in life

only thing I had was

a piece of paper, a pen, a dark room and my thoughts

What Matters ! 

Matter is everything

if I didn't matter

Why I am here on this earth

trying to get an education

to change this discomposed world we live in.

When I grow up I want to become

A Engineer

A Computer Engineer ! 

Yes, you probably thinking an African- American female

An Engineer ? !

Yes, I want to be an engineer.

What Matters

All that matters is that

I am trying to become someone

to change the world to have an impact

on the future generations to come.

This world is coming to an END if 

this generation doesn't change

Young children need to be in the books

I don't mean FACEBOOK.

These adults need to teach and discipline

their children that violence is not 

the answer


Life Matters So Take Care

Live Life And Cherish It 


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