Teenage Diary

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 01:18 -- jayhugg


United States
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He looked at Me today.. He didn't speak but He peeped at Me today.. I caught that little smirk, I still consider him a jerk for the way he portrays himself around school, but its all cool. Oh ha, now he talks, My eyes watch his eyes stalk My locks down to My thighs, and when I said no date night he was surprised? Sorry but this is locked tight, takes more than just a date night, I'll keep these digits though, I'm not gon' lie I like his dimples though. He's been texting Me nonstop since I took My friends advice ......
I gave Him a chance, I mean everyone deserves one, but as for him just ONE, then again this could be fun, I don't have to shun his efforts with My puns, but he better BETTER not touch My buns, cause I AM NOT the one! I see he got fresh for tonight, this might just be a good night, I'm still keeping uptight though. Nothing but slow jams playing on this car ride? He's up to something I'm not stupid. Wait, did He just open the door for Me? Both of them? I never seen that since back then. He let Me order My favorite meal, and payed for everything on the bill, AND the tip, I'm guessing he's spoiled. I feel wrapped up in foil, holding all the heat inside, he really just had Me surprised paying for all this, what do I call this? Politeness, chivalry, niceness, integrity, righteous, or just some damn good game? Will I go out again? Free food is always the best, especially that chicken breast! I told My girls about this fella, they told Me they were jealous cause he does Me so right, then asked Me if He'll be lucky tonight. Naw girl, its just a study night. I figured I would relax more if we studied instead of ripping the dance floor this weekend, cause science is My weak end, but at least we have chemistry. Our potions of emotion began to mix, he gave Me this look and I was instantly hooked, and so were My legs to his waist. I don't know what it was, felt like a lust buzz, and I gave in, lord knows he was fine. I just.. I just couldn't help Myself, I let My hair down for two seconds, next thing I know I'm getting a thrill when He pulls it. Never thought this would be the way I lose it. I told My girls the secret and they started to abuse it. Bruise it, and cruise it through our little circle of friends, but its just between us.

Its day six and he has yet to reply to a text or answer a call, my heart is beginning to crawl deeper into this idea of us, but his tool only gets steeper for lust. I know he likes Me though, He said it before he spread it. I was so nervous and scared, he promised not to tell so I could tell he cared. Then all of a sudden his name goes AWOL on My phone? This isn't supposed to happen, this isn't right. This is the part where You call Me every night, come over and hold Me tight, check up throughout the day to make sure I'm alright. This is the part where You're supposed to love Me. Put nothing above Me. But the last time I saw you, you were breathing hard above Me. And now these halls seem so long, walking to class feels an hour long. We used to cross paths, now they're just parallel. Our secret meeting place is now just a stairwell. Now your friends look at Me and smile, and they speak up more. What are they whispering for? All this staring should make their eyes sore. Now guess who's in My grill, yea its freakin' Roy. Wait, what the hell you mean 'Chill'? I thought he as Your homeboy. Why won't You answer calls? Your friends are getting to friendly.... I need You to rescue Me.... Where are You? Why did You leave Me? Did I do something wrong? I gave You everything I had.... What if I did it again? Would You come back then? Maybe I'll leave the third button unbuttoned, will You notice Me then? If I bought a small shirt and thinner pants.... If I wear a short skirt will I get a glance?


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