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My mother used to tell me to never to feed stray cats or stray dogs, because they tend to come back for more. Oh, how I wish I would’ve followed her advice. Today is my 21st birthday.
The anger in your eyes, the burning hatred that burns like a thousand suns. like knives in my back, the sting of your every word.  hiding my pain from friends and family. no more
For those dressed in long draping sleeves on the sunniest of days, quivering as they walk wincing subtly with each step   For those with lilac bruises outlined by hints of yellow
It doesn't matter how you see it,  Pools of various shades in blue, purple, & pink; Blood stains the heart  And stenches the brain From all its senses, Except  The lost feeling of self-defeat. 
To the demon inside me. I won’t start this letter off with dear because you’re no dear to me For a long time I have avoided our history But no more, I’ll open the door
My dearest Karlie,   They say that time heals but the time without you is like the sand At the bottom of an hourglass, growing heavier, heavier still
The snow's an inch above my knee But i am warm if you tell me to beMy toes are black and bluenot that those colors are new to you Y
A wax sky drips over a sidewalk corner Illuminated by a burning-wick sun As I smile at the old men living there, Baked and leathery and meaning everything to nothing
I no longer think that a relationship is good I no longer see marriage as my goal I no can no longer want love in my life  Thanks Dad. I thought you guys had a fantastic relationship 
Because I love you I give you a kiss Because you don't love me You lash out and hit Because I love you I hold you tight Because you don't love me I'm scared to sleep at night
Because I love you  I won’t beat you black and blue Instead I will feed you blue bell And call you baby boo. Because I love you  I won’t be your anvil  Or your anthill.
Because I love you, I hold your hand. Because I love you, I laugh with you. Because I love you, I smile through the pain. Because I love you, I ignore your flaws. Because I love you, I hide the bruises.
Dear Dad,  
(What Abby thought was "love") (What I know is not "love")   ABBY: I love you JOE: I love you too
Partnership The touch of your hand Slides down my cheek’s end Sweet, tender romance From day break to night's end  
Love is one of the most intimate things you can share with someone.  Entrusting your heart and emotions to another And in turn, keeping theirs safe. "This love will last, through thick and thin," they promise
“ CINDERELLA!!!”                        “ CINDERELLA!!!!!!” “ CINDERELLA !!!!!!!”   Here our heroine lies On the floor for the daiy cries
Pay your respects don't disrespect it's bitter days my mind astray your silhouette drawn by the bay there on the floor
Dust. Sweep. Mop. Clean. All day every day.  I do what you say, my Prince Charming.  But you still hit me anyway.  You said I was your dream.  Remeber how we danced? All the way until twelve. 
Once upon a time, Not long after Cinderella got married, Her husband seemed to get quite a bit scary.   Once prince charming, Turned prince frightening. He raised his fist at any chance he got,
You start to shiver and your palms are slick with sweat You tell yourself to breath So you hyperventilate You tell yourself to walk away So you start to sprint
Every morning, I wake up with a lighter heart. I no longer bare any resentment. Because here I lay, Reminiscing each day Remembering how I fell to you. How dumb was I?
My love for him grew As I held my hand in his, With nicotine touch.   His strong arms held me And fingertips grazed my chin
A shadow is all I'll ever be. Sitting here in the cold silence of the ally. No sun will shine on me. No one will look my way. Till that young girl held out her hand and asked if I was cold.
It has happened to  A friend of a friend Of a sister or a brother To mothers. To fathers. To you.   It's the slaps; the hits That scream: I love you
Could you hear me if I shout, Or have you forgotten my words? I taught them to you when we loved in separate worlds, They weren't words at all, but our own special language
The glow of the moon cascades into the heart of the kitchen, where a cold, silver spoon meets the mouth of a hungry child. The air of the night feels cool on a nearby walker’s face,
You say you love her...so much But the bruises are her face show you loved her too much. The cycle of 'I hate yous' and 'I love yyous'is getting old.
And you with the way you touched my scars as if to etch another chalk reminder on to the wall of my body to keep track of how many times it would never happen again.  
You are my oneOne above allScreamsCrysLaughsYou heard all“To have and to hold”
Torn Outside there sits a beautiful woman Absolutely breathtaking As she continues with her daily motions Everything looks good She seems happy.
I sleep... I sleep alone with nobody to hold. I sleep alone with the bed so cold. Wishing to have arms wrapped around my waist. Wishing to not be in this place. This place of loneliness and solitude.
                                  //Colours// The touch of a lover The brilliance of colour Oh, tell me how it feels To know that she calls You hers?   You said to me, “She’s only trying
He blames it all on her. He tells her what to wear . He asks her who drove her to work. When she drove herself there . She gets home 10 minutes late, and is scared of what he might do .
I was looking for youbut I found you again, deep in blueSmoking again I see..It's funny because the other dayyou were throwing up last night's liquorand silly me,was on my knees,
  You are more than what you present You are violent and rude but are you content? There is something more to you If only I knew I question the words that come out
Breathing People dont notice when they breathe  it's a natural mechanism you're not supposed to be conscious of it   But every breath I inhale, I hate Every breath, 
You can't protect them. You can't change the inevitable. You couldn't my fate Mom. You couldn't change my fate Dad. Everything that happened, God, it was bad.
  I’ve been tarnished. They say counting calms the nerves. They tell me it collects the thoughts. I’m not sure how collected mine will ever be, but it’s worth a try, for the sake of my sanity.  
She was awoken from her sleep  by a loud weep something like a cry  yep , all night she wondered why 
The way you touched my skin made me tremble. Your cold fingers swiftly carresing my cheek. The way your hands grabbed me from behind  I never thought one look would keep me silent
Shadder my innocence, Erase my love song The secret is written black and blue. How did so right turn out to be so wrong? This is the story of me and you.   Only these walls
One step Two  step
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