No Questions Asked

Love is one of the most intimate things you can share with someone. 

Entrusting your heart and emotions to another

And in turn, keeping theirs safe.

"This love will last, through thick and thin," they promise

Metal loops on their hands keep them together.

Through those tough times, that love prevails. 

Not all love is like that. 

"Love" is also what keeps you running back to them

It's the reason you cry every day. 

"Love" keeps you worrying about the next thing that makes them angry.

"Love" will lash out at you and terrify you. 

And those toxic proclamations are what keeps you tied there.

The metal loops on your hand feel like shackles, 

Rooting you to the spot, stuck in a venomous cycle.

And sometimes, you can't just leave. 

Sometimes,you feel like you are the one giving this "love"

It's like an asphyxious cloud of gas,

Choking you, poisoning you.

But you are strong.

Let no one tell you otherwise.

You will make it out of there alive.

Believe in a future where this "love" is extinct

And can harm you no longer. 

Cut those shackles from your hands,

Reach out for help. 

You deserve real love.



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