Under the influence of his words


You are more than what you present

You are violent and rude but are you content?

There is something more to you

If only I knew

I question the words that come out

What lead to the sadness and what is it about?

How can one help you recognize

What it looks like from my eyes

How come you are unable to see?

The pain you afflicted on me

Yet I forgive you every time

Because you have to live with the crime 

Beaten and abused

You left me physically bruised

Finally the scales fall

And I can see it all

Why am I here with this man?

Who laid a hand on me as I ran?

Escaping the violence of this house

Where I was told to be quiet as a mouse

You were sent away too

Because finally the world knew

The man who once loved me

Had kept me from being free

Under the influence of his words

I fell short of flying like the birds

But, I am not bitter towards you

I care, its true

Completely free from my past

I learned and asked

Now I can tell others like me

Its’ going to be okay, they will see

There’s more to them then that man

And their new life has only began

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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