Outside there sits a beautiful woman

Absolutely breathtaking

As she continues with her daily motions

Everything looks good

She seems happy.

She often gets lost in the crowd,

watching her provide a living

she gets through it all.

One day she finds a man of her dreams.

As time goes on they stay together.

The new relationship feeling is over and her life takes a turn for the worst.


He has a temper

He’s bigger than her

Stronger than her

He takes advantage of that.


He becomes physical with her

She believes it’s going to stop

Never once did she think it would get this bad.

She finds herself confined to their house

She is trapped like a caterpillar in a cocoon

He doesn’t let her leave

She hasn’t seen sunlight in days



Candles light the house

She still disoriented from the last beating

Doesn’t know what’s up or down

Trying to find her sanctuary

She was all alone with a heavy heart

Her life had been shattered by a tight fisted hand


Who would she turn to

No one would understand

With no self-esteem, she was a broken mess

She cries alone, but,

If she cries alone, is she like the tree in the forest?

The one that if there’s no one to hear it.

Then it doesn’t make a sound?


The beatings got worse because he heard her cry

He watched as she sat there bleeding

He never cared about her feelings

Her body had no healing

She had no escape

never allowed to do anything never allowed to talk

He beat her some days til she couldn’t walk

He treated her like dirt

he loved to see her hurt

She has no tears or any fears but the memories will last for years.


She made her decision on her happiness

She left him

She started to heal

She is brave enough to have found marriage,

brave enough to believe in love and everyday she thanks the gods.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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