She was awoken from her sleep 

by a loud weep

something like a cry 

yep , all night she wondered why 

The next morning she awoke

thinking it was all a dream 

until she heard the same weep

kinda like a scream

She ran into her parents room 

the only ones who could keep her safe

she thought all was well until she seen her mothers face 

Her mouth now agape, while

she could feel her mothers sking ache 

She  didn't know who did this to her and why

until she seen the man in the corner of her eye

The man she grew to love but now wanted to hate

the same man who said she was hiis princess and forbid her to date

She knew him as caring ,nice, and legit

never the one to dare hit

she looked into his eyes, only to see a man she soon despised

meaning this whole time he wore a disguise

a disguise, yep, on top he was the hiyiana

under, a women beater at its finest

she had no choice but to do what was best

she had to put an end to these endless threats

she ran into her brothers room

and found that toy that he said was for boys

she could hear loud footsteps


she did the only thing she seen outside daily

soon the door flew open and there he stood

his hands shot up

shaking like a little 

boy who didnt belong in this neighborhood 

she cocked her gun ready to play

contimplating wether she wanted it 

to be his last day

This poem is about: 
Our world


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