Night Dialogues of "Love"

(What Abby thought was "love")

(What I know is not "love")


ABBY: I love you

JOE: I love you too

A: I’m going out

J: With who?

A: Julie, my friend

J: And for what?

A: To hang, she’s nice

J: No, she’s a slut


Don't say that

I can say what I want

She’s not a slut

No, she’s a cunt

But I’ll be back soon

You're not going, you stay

But I never go out

It’s because you're mine, babe


Please, I won’t talk to any guys

That’s what you want me to think

But I won’t, I promise

Shut up and get me a drink

Joe, please, please, please


But I-



No, no, no, STOP

This is what you get


Next time don’t make me upset

I’m sorry...

Look what you made me do

I know...I’m sorry

But it’s because I love you…



(What Julie knew was "love")

(What I know is "love")


JULIE: Abby just cancelled

MATT: Oh no, why

J: I don’t know...she was upset

M: Like she was gonna cry?

J: Yes, exactly

M: Must have been an emergency

J: I think it's her new boyfriend, “Joe”

M: Ask her and we’ll see


She didn’t want to talk

I’m sorry babe...but you can still have fun

I know but now I don’t want to go out

Oh c’mon the night is young!

It’s just I had all these plans...

Ok then I’ll go with you

It's not really your thing though

I like whatever you're into


Would you really?

Of course, I want to see you happy

Your so amazing

I hate it when you're feeling crappy

Ok then! Next friday I’ll do whatever you want

You don’t have to do that Julie,

But you really deserve it

I’m glad with just having you, truly


So am I

Are you ready? All set?

Yes, please, let’s go have fun

Oh darling you bet

Why are you so good, Matt, so kind?

Because what I feel is true

Why do I love you so much?

Because I love you too

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My family
My community
Our world


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