You can't protect them.

You can't change the inevitable.

You couldn't my fate Mom.

You couldn't change my fate Dad.

Everything that happened, God, it was bad.

I cried and I screamed and I kicked and I yelled, but God knows how none of that helped.

It wasn't your fault, you know it never was.

Yet you blame yourself for something just because..

Just because I'm your daughter, just because you're my mom,

just because you couldn't protect me from what those men had become,

Were they raised to be rapists or raised to be sons?

Were they raised to be hatful and evil and numb?

I don't know.

But it's okay.

Because I've moved on mom,

I've moved on dad.

And what's happened to me, God knows it was bad.

But the humiliation and guilt and despair that occured,

the hate and regret and the rage, it's absurd!

But I for one, am one for change. 

So despite all the crying,

despite all the pain,

I am here,

I am alive,

I am me.

That's all that anyone has asked me to be,

and for years those men, those wretched souls,

they took all that,

they took all of me away from me. 


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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