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The touch of your hand

Slides down my cheek’s end

Sweet, tender romance

From day break to night's end


Your eyes flutter open

You bid me “good morning”

Kisses on my forehead

Come without warning


Gentle love provokes

Dreams within reach

My heart yearns to

Learn what yours has to teach


Affection not tarnished

By jealous rage and anger

Guarding my soul

From the world’s infinite danger


Never make me feel

Like I’m not worthy

Don’t abuse my spirit

“Because you love me”




Your fist not raised

In rage or crossness

Temper in tact

You’ve never lost it


You help me swim

When I’m weak and drowning

Submerged in love

No way around it


Positive energy

Surrounds your light

Dreams navigate to you

As day turns to night




There to dry tears

That you did not cause

Motivate me to be better

And accompany the stars


A safe love that

Will be told through the ages

A tale of happiness

Blots the pages


Love should be

Compassionate, equal, and true

Nothing Earthly could

Separate me from you.

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