better man

The anger in your eyes,

the burning hatred that burns like a thousand suns.

like knives in my back, the sting of your every word. 

hiding my pain from friends and family. no more

the tears that fell from my face,when i begged you to stop

all i wanted was care and respect, you promised

you said you loved me and that i was your one and only, you lied. 

if you had just tried to be a better man, i might be in your arms.

you made me hate myself, you made me see the words written,

written all over me, in bold thick letters. 

you didnt love me you wanted to be in control of everything. done

i love you still and it hurts not to be next to you. 

but i deserve better, love care and respect. 

it took me so long to see that i am not going to get that from you.

i wish you were a better love and we might still be in love. 




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