missing you

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     The only thing I wish to be is engrossed in your scent to smell your masculinity it feel like you never went as I find endless possibility while I lay imagining
Sun scorching, sweltering, sizzling beach.My hardened soles resist the heat.Sunglasses shielding my eyes.White cotton ball clouds glide.Along deep blue skies.But I’m blue too.
I called you yesterday. You answered. I hung up.   You sound the same.
When you walked away, I never thought it would hurt I never expected to wait for a text, a call, a sign you were still okay I always thought that walking away will leave you out of my life for good, but I can't get rid of you
Eyes of beauty captivate my mind/ a bond so perfect I never thought I'd find. I love to hear your voice everyday / to be by you o what I wouldn't pay.
rosemary for remebrance fennel for strength two ounces of gin from the cabinet a squeeze of lemon from our tree in the backyard i sink onto the left side of the couch, where you always sat
twilights or northers lights None hold a candle to the sinkhole in your eyes You let me stumble in it The way your lips  expand to smile, may light up an entire room
I am stuck at home finding random things to do, But all of this time being here just makes me think about you. I don't know when I will see you again, and it is driving me crazy,
There are moments in My day when I know We're both thinking of each other, connecting Us on Our private frequency. Our Spirits intertwine & it electrifies Me to the core. You invade My thoughts, taking My heart 💓 hostage, captivating My soul.
Once a friend, always a friend right? Sike, you thought, now she's complaining about kissing when you're so sick of her missing Support? Who is she supporting?  
    It isn’t something that’s mine anymore yet I crave it  The warmth on my cheeks that I felt when your eyes looked past mine into my butterflies    Well now it’s cold
    You can make me laugh, always  You can make my heart ache, longing for you to be with me this very second I can long for your breath against mine I can long for your lips against mine 
I look over the oceans to find you, where have you gone? All I can think of is expanse united, it must be united to find the one you seek.
The day I walked in this class, My heart was so scared, But your welcoming smile, Is what got me prepared, For all of the love,
My heart feels so empty whenever you're not near I wish from deep inside of me, you can always be here I know though that you would soon grow sick, glued unto my side As my aura slowly kills everything aside
I wish I was okay But I'm not  I wish things weren't this way But they are   Tell me this much Not just enough to leave you alone Tell me much more So I can feel you soul  
the rain pounded heavily last night drops of water ran slowly down the car windows matching the silver trails of the tears that wound down my cheeks rough hands that weren't yours stroked my skin
I know you don’t understand this, but my heart thinks about you literally every second when I’m not talking with you.   Don’t worry, my heart is thinking of nothing but you when talking with you too.
Dear Anthony,   I’m fine. Am I? Yeah, I’m fine. Miss you. Miss your laugh. Miss your smile. Miss you. I go to school, Work, Eat, Sleep, Miss you.
I run from the room, the wing whipping my face and stinging my already red eyes. You never think it will end up wrong, you only feel it when you get there. I sit under the tree, and my stomach is sore from the sprint.
My boyfriend.... I just keep calling you my boyfriend It's clear that something as such is unfathomable but The way we are set up makes me think otherwise yet I can't seem to rewire my brain to believe you're not
We carved our future into the starsAnd then sat back and watched them float And boy did they move TwistingLeapingDancing through the night They spoke our lives Only,
Fairy Tales Are written about princesses With magic and love. But people forget about those who don’t get happy endings.
Pain is the feeling I get when I think of you, You’re gone and you left us behind. I can’t help but think about what you would be doing,
The music will play and they will call me up front I'll exit my seat and wobble and shake my way The pictures will flash on the screen  And I'll search the families for mine I'll hear them before I see them
The seconds turned into minutes, Minutes into hours,hours into days Days into weeks, weeks into months Months into years, time was fast spent, still we remained at the ends of the fence No message sent,
Sometimes when I'm trying to do lots of homework and i'm completely overwhelmed i hear your voice in my head telling me to make a list.  Sometimes when i call you on the phone
I loved to try on your clothes, the cute crop tops and fuzzy socks. I loved to sleep in your bed,  to play games on your laptop, to eat tacos with you and  to talk to you, 
Four long years you've been gone.We miss you.Every year we have to realize more and more that you're gone. The pain unbearing. My heart still tearing. No more advice. No more caring touch. 
I miss you. I never wanted to admit that, But I really miss you. You never told me the password for the PS4 And your Sly Cooper icon is Iconic. Heh, get it?
 Whenever I see a shooting star I think of you And whenever I sing I think of you And whenever I close my eyes I think of you   The world keeps spinning And I desperately try to feel
I remember you when you fell and scraped your knee  when you sat in the sand and cried  and I just sat beside you quietly because you had the saddest face that I'de ever seen.   I remember you
I want to say I will never forget you The truth is  I probably won't I want to say I will never stop loving you  The truth is  I probably won't I want to say you will always mean the world to me
I. We grew up in the age of idiocy as children down along the seaside.   Back in the day, I wanted to sail ships, leave this beach in our wake.  
I still see the same faces everyday, but something has changed in yours.     Maybe I'm watching too closely for some sign of you missing me.    
To just visit you at homeis equivalent to nothing When you became the earthand grew within trees When your breath was the windstirring the leaves To look through those eyes
I made this bed Here for two I wait an hour I can't move   I want him here He said he'd try I know he is I can't cry   Its not fair He's so great
I want to give you The most beautiful words in the world To hold in your heart And keep on a cold day When my voice is far too far away.
—  There’s never a day you don’t cross my mind. —  As small as a word, to a memory relinked. —  It’s only been a few years but I swear,
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Homemade Vanilla. The Great Divide. I can't choose--either side! Butter Pecan.  Cookies 'n Cream. I'd love some more! Yes, please! Dutch Chocolate.  Moo-llenium Crunch. It's my icecream! Don't you dare touch!
Its been about 4 months...? Who am I kidding here, its been 4 months, two days and 12 hours since you've gone and I am sitting in the same robe I slept in two weeks ago.
Would this ever be the successful love it use to beAnd if its meant to beThen I know the Lord will fill me in Its been a couple years of separationBeen thinking bout you now and then Crazy how you see me as a stranger now Giving me the cold should
I shouldn't have listened to what everyone was saying. I shouldn't have doubted what I didn't have in writing. I knew deep down that they were wrong,
I’ve never been so frustrated
I am the opposite of amnesia,
I am thinking of you as I lay in bed emotionally drained listening to some carl thomas emotional rain....thinking of how soft ur touch is and how my body moves to ur suckle and then my eyes closed up, how your tongue grazed over my spots and I co
I remember when you told me "please always be happy" and I said " I will be as long as you stay." Look at us now, we walk past each other like we never even met, l
yes, the confusion is real I try to figure you out but it's like I'm mentally ill especially that chemistry it's just like begging to spill 'cause baby you know you got it with like far more appeal
Just like how the sun gives light to the flowers… Just like how the trees give off oxygen for human life… One cannot co-exist without the other. The flowers and the trees cannot exist without the sun
Is there still a trace of you, Left somewhere beneath that mask? Memories fade in and out Like bittersweet angels' breath. Your name was my first word, We were two of a kind.
Did you take your last breath remembering us?
Silence; i stay still and wait, for a single star to shine brighter than the rest. Deep beneath the skin,
I can't sleep.  So I'll ramble about how I miss you, How I wish you were here.  Now that I've spent the night by your side  I'll never be able to sleep alone.  I wonder if you feel the same.
I have realized "A Brave and Startling Truth" I am a "Phenominal Woman" I only know this because you decided to write it down you put the paper to the pen but now you are gone who else can tell me 
Separation based on location too far to reach too far to go not close enough to home I can see you I can hear but I cannot reach out and feel you 'cause separation based on loaction is a thing
I miss you so much it hurts or maybe i miss what we use to have, I use to think the phrase "i love you to much it hurts" wasnt true, but as I can see thats the definition of how im feeling.
I place my hand on the screen I wish that you were here I sit and I wonder I pray and I fear   With every day that flies by My woes only grow
                   Even though we sit here miles apart. I can feel you right next to me deep in my heart.  When I get lonely, ill close my eyes.
Though you hurt me, and left me alone standed, and unable to speak my mind, I am here.    Though you finally showed you cared by telling me you'd never stick around for a child,
I see her face in ever face Her smile in every smile My lips are filled with her names I feel her presence so close Even when she is so absent The memories of her touches Of her warmth
Your eyes are like a setting sun on silk green grass flowing to the wind I have nt slept since the last I saw of them I long for them, I long for their master Long for the soft cherry red lips of sweet sugar on mine
Why do I feel so worthless? I am lost in the high seas of people I have known for years. Yet, I am found in a group of complete strangers.
Caitlin I just have a few words to say Since last I saw you on the 4th of May My days were nothing but gloomy and grey All that kept me sane is the calls to you Because without them I was sad and blue
At times when things are hopeless; Ones you love are far away; Remember the cheer and laughter From a long-gone day.
i miss the way you smile at me your smile lits up brighter than the sun than beams on me i miss the way you rub my head your hands make my head shinier than the boston celtics td garden home floor
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