A Break Up from the Perspective of a Smartphone


She sent you a message

Lots of emojis, not as many hearts as usual

Send that message?


Read 10:43 pm


New message from Her: 8:02 am

No emojis this time


New message from Her: 8:05 am

That's a paragraph

She's typing again

Another paragraph

You haven't typed for awhile so I'm going to sleep


New message from Her: 9:33 am

She seems upset

Tell her you're busy?


Read 9:35 am

You guys haven't talked in a couple days

Send that message asking if she still likes being with you?

Read 11:28pm


Another paragraph

Short response?


It's that question

You took a long time answering, that's a pretty short response

Read 11:56 pm

Looking at those pictures of when you guys went to the beach

Looking at the Valentine's Day pictures


She said goodbye

Play that song about being lonely?

Pictures again


The picture of her on a swing that time?

The day you went on that hike?

The saying you always used with her?

The funny picture you guys took in the theater?

That picture of you guys kissing?

The picture of how cute she is sleeping from her birthday?

All those screenshots you took of your skype calls?

The random selfies she took when she stole me from you in your car?

Trash All?

Are you sure you want to delete 50 photos?


Select the picture of the broken heart?

Set as wallpaper?

Wallpaper set


Change relationship status to single

Web browser

Bridges near you?


Your friend trying to get ahold of you


Your mom asking if you're okay

I haven't done anything in a few days, are you still there?

My battery is running low cause you haven't picked me up in a few days

I'll be here when you decide to charge me and use me again





Welcome back

Oh, Hello new user

I'm His phone

He's gone?


Goodbye His memories

Hello. Bonjour. Hallo. 


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