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In the darkness, I feel lost and weary I have to gasp, reach for a single breath. The pressure grows, truly it is scary I turn face so as to not embrace death.   The night goes on and the monster whispers
In this life, we are taught to feel as though we need to be filled to continue to flow. The words of our loved ones can  encourage our growth,  but what happens when that isn't necessarily so?  
A girl grows up wanting to be beatiful and strong, an innocent mind not carring any worries along. She'll want to stand tall and be very smart, but soon the troubles and bad days will start.
Mother America I am did feed thy milketh Her breasts were consumed with youth. A preliminary smile that inspired a nation yet to be conceived.
I am full of dreams And aspirations, I know I'm going places. Picture us without All the makeup, just our own Intended beauty.
She cannot stop, she cannot quit, but sometimes she wishes life would just get on with it. She tries to stay positive, keep a smile on her face, but it’s hard when she has to keep running this race.
I’m told to stay in school, focus on my school work and stay out of trouble because the world is full of money hungries   I’m told to get good grades and not worry about the boys who call my name
I miss being a kid when life was fun Now all I am is on the run   Trying to hustle and work to come up with that tuition money
Class, class, class. School, school, school. They tell you this, play by their rules. You play the game, you take a roll. Throw the dice, you never know. Hoping that you land on the envied square.
It's me living life, it may be different but it feels so right. first I'm walking down the street feeling free in my mind,
After making incisions around the scalp and peeling the skin back, I make a cut at the top of his skull like a trap door, revealing the super computer in his cranium. Brain tissue, bone, and blood cover my latex gloves.
When I was four I used to play school with my brother and cousin.We would take turns writing lessons on the chalkboard.The scribbles could have meant anythingFrom art to math to history.
  Scholarship Rejection   Play this game Write these words Jump through this hoop Now do five push-ups Say the alphabet backwards Lick the dew off a flower pedal
I'm paying for a piece of paper.I'm paying to take classes with information that I can find online with the click of a buttton.I'm paying to stay in a dorm where rules are constantly broken, and my sanity incessantly tested. 
Denver U? The food is rad The climate also is not half bad The size of the school is cool But the tuition is cruel! Loyola-Chicago? Has a water view And a bonus campus in the city too
Paying for college is never easy, every time I look at my semester bill, it makes me queasy. The university updates my account day and night, but that remaining balance still is in sight.
They say money is the root of all evil
Finally in my true home, I have a strong and whole heart. Strengthened by my new family, And nurtured in my new community.   The happiness swells inside, But is chipped away at
I've met a lot of awesome people at college,
I want to see a change A change in this schooli dont want to complain
At times it seems like money grows on trees because the governement lets go of money like it's shaking of fleas $40,000 dollars they spend on each prisoner each year
       Hello, my name is Average which was decided by my college forgetting, ignoring, skimming over my accomplishments Am I just a number?   Hi, my name is 3.7 english, math, science, history
  Fashion design, what I was born to do Sketch and design is what interests me most But styling and selling suits me too Fashion shows, I would like to be the host  
Tuition’s rising. As it always does. She can’t afford it as it is. Yet no one notices, the desperation of a teen working three jobs, in school, with her head hung. Tired. Always tired. No time for friends,
  I am so dull In a room that is so dark I have entered a place where I am so clueless
Well well, How to Pay How to live  From day to day   Is it rough? Just a bit But even without I won't quit   That being said There's alot a grand can do
The sense of the word may mean something else The depts of help from somebody else
One year of college down, five to go And I'm already drowning in debt. Rising costs of tuition cause me woe And inability to get loans makes me fret. If I can't find a way to pay for school
I've been told about college and all that is great But why so expensive still up to this date? I'm discouraged by tuitions that'll follow my grave I'm a good person and I even have a razor to shave
Going to college has never been a matter of whether or not I'm going. It's a matter of where and why. But now I'm going to end up owing, More than my family has got kept, All the money spent just getting by.
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