The sense of the word may mean something else

The depts of help from somebody else

I was young with little to claim, i was dumb holding strong to my name, always so different and never the same, i never had a friend only someone to blame

alone in a world where everyones so close, scared to be apart of some grand old hoax 

no faith in humanity because of my shame, no chess moves left in the midst of the game

so i reached my hand out so blindly to say, this is no story my life has been played

HELP i scream HELP; replay and replay with no voice back and no one to say, calm down young man you'll be ok 

my college tuition is 3 weeks away, with no financial aide, and no way to pay 

stil i have hope and may even pray, that one day soon this will all be ok

whats the word help mean to any of you living a dream?no parents for me, no rich fund you see just a lone lonely boy with no one to be, because with out college i have no real dream, because with out college 

this is all that ill be

and if your confused just re read you'll see




this is for a scholarship hopefully i get it, all my own let me know if you think its good

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