Let it Burn


At times it seems like money grows on trees

because the governement lets go of money like it's shaking of fleas

$40,000 dollars they spend on each prisoner each year

and less than $8,000 is spent on a student, does that not make you want to shed a tear?

Perhaps this is the why more and more are drawn to prisons each day

they know they will be taken care of and will never have to repay

Students are taken advantage off, they go to schools they believe they can afford, 

only to find they have raised tuition, thanks to the board

this inequality is the epitome of injust

In no more people, or government do we hold trust

We pay more money than we can ever pay back

all the debt and despair weighs on us and pulls us off track

Is there no solution, no one that cares?

but then I look to the mirror, I can be the one to fix these tears

in the fabric of education, ripped beyond what a single thread could hope to repair

But together, with each person a needle and thread, this resolution we can share

And sew together a better tomorrow, for if we do not care

Who will?



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